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  1. isnmurthy

    H1 to H4 and back to H1

    Hi I was on H1B visa earlier and changed to H4 and now came back to H1 with a consultancy company. I am planning to go for CANADA for visa stamping from H4 to H1. Can someone please advice me on below qs: 1. Am i eligible to go CANADA for this status change? 2. If yes, how is this kind of visa change interviews going in Vancouver? i mean % of success. Thank you all .
  2. isnmurthy

    Visa Approved @ vancouver on Sep 9th

    Hi destusa i have a friend who is studying in Vancouver, Canada. So i stayed at his place. I booked my appointment 2.5 weeks before though gtasaving site. Regarding commute , again my friend helped me . There are many posts who clearly mentioned about accommodation and commute. Please search with vancouver word in search box. Thanks
  3. isnmurthy

    Visa Approved @ vancouver on Sep 9th

    Sorry for the late replies... Nikki2011- i got my passport on friday(9/13). sgeovar - My interview date was 9/9 and took letter from my HR on 9/4. This is my case lucky to have HR in the same floor of my work location and they are very nice ppl. I heard that client letter is valid for a month lasted date. You can say your HR or Manager will go to vacation and so took it early. Thanks
  4. isnmurthy

    Visa Approved @ vancouver on Sep 9th

    Thank you all...
  5. Hi All First of all i want to thank this forum and all the members who shared their experiences and make new candidates feel confident. I attended for 8:45 slot in Vancouver on 9th sep. As many friends already posted about the location, cab, accommodation..I am directly jumping to final interview . Mine is EVVC model. 2nd H1B stamping. 1st one was in calgary. Myself: Good morning VO(Lady @ 2nd window) : Good morning. You are here for your H1B renewal..2nd term H1 Myself: Yes VO: who is your employer Myself: Answered VO: whts you job title Myself: Programmer analyst VO: do you have a letter from your employer? Myself: Yes (and gave my employer letter) VO: do you have an end client? if yes, can you give me letter from them? Myself: Yes ( and gave the client letter) VO: do you have any vendor? Myself: Yes.. (here my tension started. Till now i never saw any post where they are asked about vendor letters. To my fate, i have 2 vendors. Luckily carried letters from both of them. I said XXX is my prime vendor and YYY is implementation partner with the client) VO: So, you mean you have 2 vendors? Myself: YYY is actually implementation partner. ( she is not satisfied but i didnt say any word and waited for her question) VO: give me letters from both vendors.(she quickly going through all 4 letters) Myself: Sure.(gave 2 letters) VO: where did you study in US Myself: Masters from ZZZ university VO: whts ur major Myself: EE VO: how long are you working with this client? Myself: 2 yr 3+ months VO: How long are you working with the XXX prime vendor? Myself: I started with this client through this vendor. so its also for 2 yr 3+ months. VO: so, then YYY vendor also 2 yr 3 months? Myself: Yes ( she specifically inquired about the duration i worked with the vendors ) VO: How long are you with this employer? Myself: 4.5 years VO: whats your salary? Myself : AAA answered VO: Can i get your LCA? Myself : Yes (slided LCA through the window gap. She opened some page and compared the prevailing wages and the salary i mentioned.) VO: Are you getting paid on-time? Are there any allegations on your company? Myself: I always am got paid on-time and never had any issue with my employer. There wasn't even one day delay in my pay till now. That is why i am with him for almost 5 years. she waited for few seconds. VO: Okay your visa approved and you can collect it in 3 business days. Myself: Thank you. She kept on typing from the moment i was called till the moment i left. She hardly looked at me as she was so busy typing. I think she is writing every single word coming from my mouth. So, i advice you to be confident and tell truth. Because i think they are logging our replies to compare whenever or wherever needed. I saw 3 more guys on H1B and all got approved. Please carry all the documents (i mean letters from every layer). My application status just changed to 'ISSUED' from admin processing after 48 hrs of interview. so, now i am writing this post. Good luck friends and thank again to one and all. Thanks Isn
  6. Hi Netit Congratulations and thanks for your post and this really helps. I have visa appointment in vancouver on sep 9th(tuesday). I am planning to book my return flight on Friday evening. Do you think its fine? Thanks
  7. Hi Can you please share your visa interview experiences? Thanks
  8. isnmurthy

    passport return

    Hi Naumil I haven't scheduled my appointment after cancelling once due to CDC issue. I wish you get your passport issued soon. Thanks
  9. isnmurthy

    passport return

    Hi naumil Did you also attend for Ottawa? Hi Pradeep Whats your waybill status..Why don't you go check with consulate if you are around there? Thanks
  10. isnmurthy

    passport pickup for interviewed in Ottawa

    Hi naumil and Ram could you please tell where did you attend the interview ? Thanks
  11. isnmurthy

    Passport delivery status - Vancouver

    Hi Can anybody please share their experience who attended visa interview in Vancouver after the system glitch? Your reply helps alot. Thanks
  12. isnmurthy

    H1b Waiting for PP

    Hi criticalH1B I wish you get your pp soon. May i know where did you appear for Visa interview? which city's consulate i mean? Thanks
  13. isnmurthy

    Passport delivery status - Vancouver

    Can anybody please help replying this post if they received passport once this system glitch popped? Thanks Netit for starting this post. Thanks
  14. isnmurthy

    Stamping Experience in Ottawa, Canada - Aug 6 2014

    Congratts Praveen..I am also planning to go for h1b extension stamping in vancouver,canada. I had my first stamping in calgary, canada. you mentioned that you VOs are grilling h1b guys. Can you help me by telling any experiences you heard about this? Thanks