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  1. Short term disability (STD) is an employee benefit provided by your employer and you should be contributing 2-3$ per pay check to get that benefit. its not by default or govt benefit. logon to your hr site and check for your benefits. STD is generally administered by third party like metlife etc. you have to talk to them directly.
  2. Your spouse can use her ead as long as it is valid. Regarding your old I140, if they revoke your I140 (provided there is no fraud) after 6 months it was approved, then you can port the priority date to your new I140. You and Your spouse can get h1 and h4 extension+ead based on your old I140 even if got revoked after 6 months of approval. If there is a fraud with old I140, then you cant retain your priority date and your extensions and next set of ur spouse EAD depends on your new I140 approval. Go with premium with your new I140
  3. Go premium for your I140 and get it approved and then submit the I140 copy to USCIS.
  4. if you have previous education evaluation certificate with you, then submit the same to your attorney
  5. Yes. You will be good for next 60 days. Its the responsibility of H1b employer to submit h1b revocation request to USCIS, otherwise they have to pay back employee salary. Even if your employer delays in informing USCIS, you wont be having a paystub to prove your status. Better search for a new job with in 60 days. if you cant find one, get a US skype number and go back to your home country and search and get new job that files for your new h1b. Or if you are married and your spouse is on work visa, then convert to depended visa and maintain status and search for a new job.
  6. You simply switch to H4 and get a H4 EAD. All problems solved.
  7. Based on your offer letter you signed with two other employers, they will come and sue you for the money they spent on you.
  8. based on my experience USCIS will consider that you have a valid status if you have atleast single paycheck for a month, You also submit your April settlement check (leave encashed and settlement amount) while filing your h1b. You will get a paycheck in the month of June, so if USCIS asks for RFE, then you will submit June paycheck that indicates that you have a valid status in the month of June. So you will be good. All the best
  9. You can do part time education. there are lots of people doing MBA / MS (including myself)
  10. it's better to wait at least for the receipt to join. IF you are in dire consequences of resigning your current company that wont be a problem. Now you can have at least 60 days without pay before joining new employer.
  11. Ask ur attorney to check with USCIS. I was in a similar issue but was an FTE for an insurance company. So USCIS updated the date and sent me a new petition.
  12. Loop in your attorney in your email request to your previous employer asking for your experience letter. They will respond fast and positively. I worked for wipro before and I gave 2 weeks notice and my wipro manager approved my releaving with out any issues. The company policy is to give 2 months notice in India offer letter. I had 1 month of USA leaves that I dint got paid. Instead, the HR counted my leaves towards the 2 months and asked me to pay for 15 days in Indian rupiees. Shame on these desi big companies.
  13. I got my H4 EAD approved yesterday and it took total 35 days. but my H1 to H4 COS is still processing. It might take another 4-5 months
  14. 1) With new rule, You have to search for a new job with in 60 days. This rule is applicable only once per petition. But it is good to find job with in 30 days 2) You can move to H4 with your wife H1b receipt 3) You can file new H1 but include your H4 receipt if you got a new job. 4) My suggestion : if your wife has I140 approved, convert yourself to H4 and get EAD with in 1 month by filing H4+H4 EAD together. I followed this process.
  15. I got my receipts last week :) hope you guys get your soon