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  1. metroguy

    Working for two companies simultaneously on H1B visa

    Thats wont be a problem. Its up to you on how you manage work from both companies
  2. metroguy

    Traveling with Advance Parole and H4 Visa.

    It should not be a problem. Its up to you which visa / AP you want to use to enter US
  3. metroguy

    Travel to USA from India now through December

    AP's are not affected by the travel bans.
  4. metroguy

    Re entry back to USA with H1b stamping expiring in 2 weeks.

    Its going to be tricky. The Port of entry officer will check for your H1b visa sticker. It should be at least 6 months valid and will ask why you dint got the visa sticker renewal either in person or by dropbox. You can say due to covid the consulates are closed. I had similar experience before.
  5. metroguy

    EB3 to EB2 question

    I am in the same boat. My priority date is March 2012. I am staying in EB2 and not downgrading it to EB3
  6. If you previous employer not revoked I140 and willing to still sponsor your GC, then you can go with them. If the previous employer is a consulting company like mine, better not to go.
  7. metroguy

    H1B extension on previous employers' I140

    1. Yes 2. No As long as your previous I140 you use for H1B extension is not revoked for fraud, you are good to get extension provided your current project is genuine.
  8. metroguy

    H1B - Revocation Notice Was Sent

    If the H1b is revoked due to your employer requesting it , then it is not a problem. but you have to be in h1b atleast for a month in USA to make it active and to transfer. In your case, you are not on h1b anytime. So your company needs to file h1b in quota for you to be eligilble. If your GC process is not started, then you cant stay in US after 6 years (either in h1b or L1)
  9. metroguy

    H1B Extension and Transfer

    You can do that. But the employer who you are not joining can comeback to you on the costs involved for H1b and they may hold your salary. So hold the extension for two weeks and do request premium process for your h1b transfer. If you get the decision on the transfer, then you can decide whether to file for other h1b extension or move on to approved assuming you want the new job
  10. You need to stick to your first h1b company for minimum of 1 month in usa and get a payslip. This proves that you switched to h1b from F1. For that you need to go to india for H1B visa stamping. You cant switch to second company from US now as you are still not on h1b. Unless you worked for first company for some time (minimum 1 month recommended), then you can apply for a transfer. My suggestion is to let go the offer. You have to give 2 weeks notice to your company and If you apply for h1b transfer, it gets rejected as h1b is not activated yet. So better not to take changes on your initial h1b. My spouse was in the same situation couple of years back. All the best.
  11. No need to reply H4 and EAD as long as they are not expired. Apply for H4 and EAD extension 6 months before they are getting expired using latest H1B of your spouse.
  12. Yes are free to go for a vacation after your EAD expires. As long as your H4 EAD is valid, you can be a full time or a contractor to any employer.
  13. metroguy

    Can I do masters degree while on H1B

    Yes you can. But practically hard to complete in 2 yrs
  14. metroguy

    Elapsed H1B period while H1 to H4 COS

    No you wont loose your 1 year of h1B. The clock stops on the receipt of H4 docs which is generally your H4 receipt date and you can stop working if you like if not continue working until your h1b is approved.
  15. metroguy

    Legal Stay in US

    yes you can wait.