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  1. No need to reply H4 and EAD as long as they are not expired. Apply for H4 and EAD extension 6 months before they are getting expired using latest H1B of your spouse.
  2. Yes are free to go for a vacation after your EAD expires. As long as your H4 EAD is valid, you can be a full time or a contractor to any employer.
  3. metroguy

    Can I do masters degree while on H1B

    Yes you can. But practically hard to complete in 2 yrs
  4. metroguy

    Elapsed H1B period while H1 to H4 COS

    No you wont loose your 1 year of h1B. The clock stops on the receipt of H4 docs which is generally your H4 receipt date and you can stop working if you like if not continue working until your h1b is approved.
  5. metroguy

    Legal Stay in US

    yes you can wait.
  6. metroguy

    H4 denied because of H1 withdrawn

    As your wife has already a valid H4 visa till 2020, you need not have to worry until then. If ur spouse travels outside the USA and wants to enter before her visa 2020 expires, she can carry a copy of your latest h1 (company c ) with her whenever she travels. No need to go for any stampings until 2020
  7. Maximum 6 months. This is common these days. Go for premium if your employer is a big company and you have a decent salary and full time role and not working at client site. My h1b in PP got approved in 3 days. Got the approval docs in a week
  8. metroguy

    H1B LCA Amendment went to RFE

    The main problem here is Test analyst / Programmer analyst job role. Any job with analyst USCIS is issuing your queries. It takes a lot of time to respond to above questions. Options 1) Work with client A to see if your project can be extended 2) Look for a new employer 3) Take risk and work at new client site.
  9. metroguy

    LCA certification timelines

    a week max
  10. The date of your h4 COS receipt by EAD, your h1b clock stops. so no worries.
  11. metroguy

    H1B to H4 Change of Status after loosing the Job

    1) Better to apply as soon as possible. Once you file for h1b to h4 , you will be in h4 status immediately and can stop working immediately if you want or continue employment until your h1 to h4 Change of status gets approved. 2) Yes you can use your remaining h1b in the future 3) no impact.
  12. Better get your RFE's resolved before deciding on next steps. If both your H1B's get approved then continue in the same status. If your RFE gets denied and your spouse h1b is approved, then look for options of change of your status from h1b to h4 along with with EAD
  13. metroguy

    H1b contract to hire after 6 year

    if you currently have a FTE position with a nice company, better not to join any consulting companies that promise FTE in the future. It hard to get h1b approved with consulting companies like C these days. all the best
  14. metroguy

    H1B Transfer Rejected

    If USCIS approves your petition with out I94, better get it stamped it in india instead of canda or mexico. I got stuck in canada for a month even after working as an FTE for microsoft. Go to your home country for stamping so that even if they delay in giving you visa, you will have a safe home to stay
  15. metroguy

    H1B Transfer Rejected

    You have 60 days to transfer to a new company from May 4. Better do h1b with the extension of stay instead of consular processing.