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  1. can anyone share H4 stamping experience in Hyderabad?. I heard there is new process. we need to take two appointments.
  2. today i got mail from LOOMIS at 4:30 ..it took 5 business days ..planning to go tomorrow for PP pick up......
  3. dhr

    Wat da hell is PIMS

    verifying the details of approved petitions through the Petition Information Management Service (PIMS) via the Consular Consolidated Database (CCD).
  4. mine is also similar case. i came to US on L1B and later changed to H1b (same employer) and now on H1b with different emplyer...on sep5th 2012 i attend visa interview at Ottawa. i dont see any issue.. as you mentioned. US work experience is suffice to attend H1b visa interview in canada.... just waiting for my passport.....
  5. my interview is @ ottawa: on sep 5th me and my friend have appointment at : 9:15 am. but we went to embassy around 8 am. somehow security guard allowed inside. after security check, there is lady who checks Passport and DS 160 confirmation page and I797. she asks us to go to window 5. the guy at window 5 asks do you have any end clients ..any vendors. we provided him, client letter, vendor letter, employment verification letter. and the guy at window 5 gave token number and asked us to sit and wait for finger print verification. after finger prints verification, my token number was called at window 2 and my friend was called at window 3. while i was waiting to call my token number, i saw the guy at window 2 opened the documents i submitted at window 5 and he spends around 5 to 10 mins going thru the doc's. finally he called me. VO : Hi ME : Hi VO : keep this docs' (he gave my I797 original to me) ME : I took the doc ..put in the folder VO: so you worked for XYZ company. ME : yes when i was in India VO: and you came to US thru ABC company. ME: yes VO: and your first H1B was filed by ABC company ME: yes VO: you recently joined PQS company ME: yes 3 months back VO: how long you been with ABC company ME: 4yrs VO: why you changed the company (ABC to PQS) : i expected this question ME: for better career prospects and blah..blah VO: who is your previous client. ME: AAA VO: how long you been working for AAA Client ME: over 3 years VO: you working for the same client now. ME: yes he started typing on screen for 2 to 3 mins and said your visa approved. and gave me a "Did your VISA approved" paper and explained how to look for waybill number. finally he told me due to system issues PIMS not updated. so for you it take sometime. check for waybill number update in the mid of next week. thats all.... Hope this helps...good luck with your interview....
  6. VO who did interview told me that your visa approved but due to some system issue not able to verify PIMS. and asked me to check mid of the next week (i.e this 12 Sep 2012). hoping will get update on 12th evening...
  7. Thanks Sri, did they say you No PIMS.? the interview told me to check mid of next week(i.e this wendesday). anyway we are planning to go to LOOMIS branch and try our luck.
  8. @narkky , Did you get your passport from LOOMI's?
  9. dhr

    Successful H1B stamping in Ottawa Sep 4th

    @phillyboy Did you get passport from LOOMi's?
  10. I attend interview on sep 5th at Ottawa and did not get any mail or waybill number from LOOMI's. anyone in the same situation?.