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  1. MReddyM

    H4 EAD

    Wanted to add that my husband's I-140 has been approved for 2 years now.
  2. MReddyM

    H4 EAD

    Hi Team My husband's i-140 is approved from employer A. He has been working on H1B for 5.5 years. I'm currently on H1B, I might move to H4 after my husband's job change. If he moves to employer B in February 2017, then can I apply for H4 in May 2017 and then H4 EAD? What will be the impact if his employer A does not cancel or cancels his i-140? Thank you Mini
  3. MReddyM

    Query on H4 extension

    Hi I am currently on H4 and applied for H1 in June 2012. My husband's H1 expires on Sep30th 2012. His employer has filed for H1 extension. Is it ok not to file an extension for me as I'm currently waiting for H1 decision. If my h1 is denied then can i file for h4 extension immediately or do I need to go to india immediately and get it done? Thanks, Reddy