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  1. chilkurbalaji

    Having two I-797's confused on my stamping dates

    that should be fine, use your new h1b EAC# to fill in DS-160. I know a couple people got stamped in same scenario. no need to worry. just let consulate know, that you got extension approved and give two h1b 797's when u attend interview
  2. chilkurbalaji

    Successful stamping @ Vancouver, EVVC

    congrats and thanks for sharing
  3. chilkurbalaji

    Employment Letter salary ??

    It should be as per LCA I guess, I got it as per LCA . But make sure you mention it as per you pay stub on DS 160.
  4. chilkurbalaji

    Successful Visa Stamping @ Vancouver Oct 31

    thanks for sharing , have fun
  5. chilkurbalaji

    H1b Approval After 221g Vancouver

    dude, please let us know , what were the questions client got. and answers if possible. It will be of great help.
  6. chilkurbalaji

    Resume format for EVC model - Vancouver stamping

    dude, see the other post today. 2 people got visa, just by looking at DS-160 and Resume.
  7. chilkurbalaji

    Successfull Stampng -Calgary -- OCT30

    hey dude, could you please post the resume format or email us? rakesh.asp@gmail.com
  8. Hi, can anyone post the format for resume , we need to carry for interview? I am having appointment in second week at vancouver. appreciate any replies on this.
  9. Vancouver people updates please
  10. what about Vancouver , I have appointment scheduled in vancouver.
  11. chilkurbalaji

    221g White Ottawa 29 Oct

    hey dude, what kind of questions did he ask you?
  12. I see no posts regarding stamping from past 2 weeks. very less posts on approvals and 221g's, anyone knows the reason. Please post the experiences, we ill know the status
  13. chilkurbalaji

    Oct 22 - Approved Vancouver

    Hi reddy please type the answers also, it will be of great help
  14. my new I797 starts from April5th, which is more than 4.5 months, Is that ok?