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  1. venkatakt

    Successful visa stamping in hyd

    i saw one girl get stamped for f1 to h1 in my next counter. it involved a lot of questions surrounding what she does and made her explain exactly what each of those IT terms mean. simply throwing in some flashy IT jargon dint work for her. finally her visa was approved though
  2. venkatakt

    Successful visa stamping in hyd

    this is my second extension and evc model. been with the same client for the last 5 years
  3. venkatakt

    Looking for advice for my visa stamping

    assuming you are living in the US and working 1) if you are not sure whether you will get a decision on your h1 extension before your current h1 expires and worried, upgrade it to premium processing. not that it is necessary but its just you can relax once you know your extension is approved. even if you do not get any decision before your current h1 expires you can continue to work with your current employer as long as the h1 extension is under processing. 2) Once your h1 extension is approved you can go for visa interview when ever you want not sure why you want to get it stamped before the current visa expires. as long as you have your approved 797( after extension) you can legally stay in the US even if your visa is expired. . and coming to where you want to go for stamping its a decision you have to make.
  4. All, thought i would share my +ve experience at hyd today since there are not many posts regarding hyderabad experience in this forum. went to the VO counter. 2 ppl ahead of me. 1st person - lady applied for f4 . rejected . vo explained her why she is rejecting the visa and it made sense to me. 2nd family of 4. donno which visa but got 221g. returned their pps by now my heart is racing at 100 mile per hr. now its my turn stepped forward even before i said GM , vo asked for PP handed over the pp and smiled. vo:- who do you work for me :- xx vo:- how long have you been working for them me:- since xxxx vo:- what is your annual salary me:- around xx vo :- do you have a client me:- yes xxx vo:- what is your work location me:- xxx vo:- what is your highest level of education me:- i have a Masters degree in xx from yy university vo:- your visa has been approved. you have a good rest of the day. me:- thank you. you too. vo did not ask me any docs or any thing not even 797. just the pp. while i was standing in line and noticed 2-3 other h1s got approved. with questions in the similar lines. make sure you have all the docs in hand speak clearly and be confident. keep your answers short and straight. except for the last question all my answers where one or two words. good luck guys
  5. venkatakt

    H1 B Visa stamp at Hyderabad in August 2013

    I would say go to canada for stamping. with out client letter there is high probability that you will get 221g. since you are confident that your client will answer USCIS queries if asked , you can get your visa in 2-3 wks . its taking for ever in india if you get 221g
  6. you can get your passport back. send an email to the consulate or I think you can go to the consulate in the afternoon and explain your situation to the security ppl in the consulate and they will let you in Im not 100% sure though.
  7. venkatakt

    H1b Stamping Hyderabad Further Review-No Slip

    same thing happened to me in OCT. i got my pp after 5 days. dont worry
  8. dont worry if its only PIMS you should get your passport in 2-3 days.
  9. venkatakt

    I94 not able to verify in DMV Office - Help !!

    Im also from PA. i was in similar situation. DMV officer said they could not verify and said they will send a letter to me after the verification is done. i got the letter in 3 weeks. i went back with the letter and got the DL
  10. venkatakt

    I797 attached I94

    that will not be a problem.
  11. you will still be in legal status as long as your h1 application is still pending.
  12. you cannot send documents to canada in advance.
  13. venkatakt

    can I book one way ticket to canada?

    you can book one way. airline doesn't care if you have a one way or two ticket
  14. as long as you have all the necessary documentation it doesnt matter where you go.
  15. venkatakt

    VO Contacting Client

    usually they will contact on the same day or next day.