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  1. Were you able to get your new visa stamped? What happened to your old stamped visa? Did you travel yet?
  2. My current H1B stamp on the passport is valid till Dec 30, 2018 (for I-797 valid till Dec 30, 2018 ) New I-797 is valid from Dec 30,2018 to Dec 30, 2021 My employer, client, designation, work location etc was same so was eligible for dropbox I went for H1B dropbox stamping in India on Oct 30, 2018 and got 221g 2 days ago with interview request Old H1B stamp(valid till Dec 30, 2018) is also marked with "CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE" (not sure why they did this since I had no other visa on the passport) I am planning to go for the interview in Delhi in few days My question is I have plans of travelling back to US on Dec 2. Is it possible since old visa is cancelled though it was valid If new visa is stamped, Wouldn't it start with Dec 30, 2018?
  3. No consular appointments dates are available in New Delhi between Nov 20 - Dec 15 Any idea if they would ever open up or they are on vacation?
  4. nvedia

    H1 to H4 COS approved H1 pending

    She is good to go as H1B receipt is already generated so technically she is on H1B till the decision is made and can work
  5. You shouldn't have delayed so much for license renewal, usually you should go to renew drivers license few months in advance Anyways, you best bet is to use public transport, car pooling You can try getting in touch with your local congressman to see if they can help
  6. That is right, your EAD application would most probably be canceled and you have to re-apply
  7. nvedia

    H1 to H4 EAD with minimal break in employment

    I have the same question If someone's current H1B expires Sep 2017 and they request effective date of Feb 2017 for H4 COS, what would happen?
  8. nvedia

    Question regarding H1b to H4 COS

    When did your H4 EAD got approved?
  9. You should not have put an effective date of Sep 1 . It should be used for a far future date, not few days within submitting the application You might need to take help from attorney or call USCIS and they can change the effective start date in the application since H4 is not approved yet and in processing
  10. Why was it denied and that too after 3 months?
  11. nvedia

    Opening a LLC on H1B in US

    Yes I get that - thanks I was just explaining to him since he thought I just want to transfer money Isn't it pretty funny that on L1 you can only work, but on L2 EAD you can pretty much do any jobs or do Business Same for H1B and H4 EAD (So being on H4 is more powerful) Clearly these rules are made with no common sense or logic at all
  12. nvedia

    H4 EAD For Spouse who is on H1B

    I do not think that is true When is your wife's current H1B expiring? Did it already maxed out 6 years? You can move to the same H1B as long as it doesn't expires or if it still has time left for 6 year time frame of H1B (whichever is longer)
  13. nvedia

    Opening a LLC on H1B in US

    Not to send money to India, that was part of it To answer your question, I want to open a company to do Business in USA
  14. nvedia

    H4 and H4 EAD concurrently

    My H1B is valid till Dec,2018 with an approved I140. My spouse H1B is also valid till Sep,2017 and she wants to come on H4 EAD I am planning to file concurrent H1B to H4 COS + H4 EAD 1. Based on the past filing, did anyone see that their H4 COS is approved but H4 EAD took more than a month after H4 is approved. I already know USCIS website states that it can takes upto 90 days after H4 is approved but I wanted to know real experience of anyone for whom it took much time. Most of the cases I see is that H4 COS took 2-4 months but H4 EAD was granted within 1-3 weeks of H4 approval 2. While waiting for H4 EAD (when H4 COS is approved) and going on LOP, when its already one month waiting and nothing, is it possible to go back on old H1B immediately and start the work (I am asking in case client is not ready to wait further). Once a person is on H1B and then they get H4 EAD, how does the immigration situation/status is handled? Also, does putting future date for H4 COS help at all when we don't know when USCIS would process the application? Please help me with real cases, I already know the rules and whats written on uscis website :)
  15. Can someone please tell me if I can still book for Ottawa stamping if I do this today or this week I want to go preferably next week for stamping