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Everything posted by sreerajk

  1. sreerajk

    My visa stamping experience in Toronto

    Thank you good info and am glad to hear of some positive results here too
  2. sreerajk

    GOT VISA after 1.5 yrs :) finally !!

    @kishanla congrats even though this is too long time it is good u finally have positive result
  3. sreerajk

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    Anyone from this thread approved yet? i am having 221g blue Hyderabad in Feb is there anyone in this situation that has been approved or is there always some refusal after some long time?
  4. sreerajk

    221gBlue Chennai EVC-->EC Model

    @visablues Thank you for details on interview this was similar to mine in Feb am still waiting for word
  5. sreerajk


    @Vijai I am very sorry to hear this is really hard situation I am in situation 221g blue in Hyderabad on Feb 7 now 7 months and no word. I am EVC VO asked questions on employee and employer relationship had me sign document that had my answers and took all my docs but gave pp back. Is ANYONE having anything besides refusal after 7-8 months is passing?
  6. sreerajk

    H1 B 221 G Slip

    ksreddy2604 - I am in similar situation 221g in Hyderabad now 6 months ago with no word. Can you please let me know what your 221g letter said and did VO put any comments on there? Thanks in advance