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    221G Status Message from VFS

    I too goet same message. H1b Visa Interview : 15th NOv 2011 @ new Delhi USCIS received Petition to reivew: 12th Dec 2011 Service Center : VSC Employer Got NOIR : 10th May 2012 Employer Replied : 16th May 2012 H1b Reaffirmed as per USCIS site : 20th Jul 2012 Model : EVC My h1b reffirmed and i attended second interview on 16th Aug 2012 @Delhi VO kept passport & other supporting documents including Client Letter & Told that “i want to re-evaluate your case and let you know ASAP” After following up with VFS, i got follwing message on 6th Sep 2012 Dear Sir/Ma'am, As per the US Embassy, they do not require any documents and your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for administrative processing. Section 221(g) prohibits the issuance of a visa to an individual whose application is incomplete or inconclusive, or whose eligibility has not been firmly established. In this instance, post is attempting to independently verify certain information presented by you at the time of your interview.