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  1. Hi All - Iam confused need some info. While I am on H1B I got laid off, so I applied for H4 EAD immediately, then after Biometrics, I got a job and the employer applied for H1B in general( client accepted that they can wait for 50 days Max) for H1B to get approved. on Feb 3 my H4 EAD got approved(which is good till 2022), received H4 EAD card too. After 10 days, on Feb 11th My H1B got approved and was approved for only 2 months(Till April). Now the questions is Can I use my H4 EAD or is it invalid now ? Do I need to file H1B again? Suggestions/advises/recommendations/Help please.
  2. Hi All- I am currently on H1B Status, recently laid off from Full time job . I am planning to move to H4/H4 EAD, if I dont find/get job in the H1B grace period of 60 days. In case if i receive H4 receipt in a week from today and H4 transition application still in pending, will i be able to apply for H1B if i get a full time job a month later from now? Please Help! Thanks in Advance!
  3. Generally, wht is the minimum H1b validity period that officers at port of entry look for ?
  4. Hi experts, my wifes H1B expires in the month of August 2015 and mine in October 2015, Can you please suggest good time(in which month) to apply for extension of H1B for both of us. Can we both travel out of country for two weeks in the month of May? with or without applying for extension.? Thank you.
  5. Hi Experts! My visa expires in the month of August, I am planning to go to Italy for some family reason in the month of may. Is it is advisable ? Do u guys advise my trip? if not what is the minimum duration that i need to have to be on safer side while returning back to USA?
  6. H-won

    Client Name change

    It is not sufficient, you have to carry ammendment copy, i was in the same situation one month back..Ask the ammendment copy from your client. If you are not aware of this talk to your clients attorney, they can help u.
  7. Mention the University name from which u graduated.
  8. Congratulatioon ur visa H1Ottawaoct i think u r in ottawa for more than 2 weeks.
  9. H-won

    Please Advice !! First time H1B Stamping

    If you had all documents, your client(employer) responds immediately if something goes wrong, ottawa is gud to go.
  10. Thanks for all the users in murthyforum. It really helped me alot From my experience: VO askede me few questions which uni? where is it? who is ur client(I am fte) how long working for them wht do they do? How many prjects u r working on?(showed my inhouse project document) Take a document from tech manager explaining abt ur current projects you are working on with start date, expected completion date and add some points to the end of the which answers the following questions. Say something as : Mr. David Johnson Techmanager of XXX has right to control the work on daily basis. He reports to David Johnson. Blah Blah.. 1.) If the supervision is off-site and performed by the petitioner, how does the petitioner maintain such supervision i.e. weekly calls, reporting to the main office routinely, or site visits by the petitioner? 2.) Who has the right to control the work of the applicant on a day-to-day basis if such control is required? 3.) Who determines the direction of the project? 4.) Who determines the applicant’s daily activities? 5.) Who provides the tools or instrumentalities for the applicant to perform the duties of employment? 6.) Who hires, pays, and has the ability to fire the applicant? 7.) Who claims the beneficiary for tax purposes? 8.) Who provides the beneficiary with employee benefits?
  11. H-won

    Stamping at Ottawa @ 6th Nov, 2012.

    mine is on nov 5th. i got loomis mail yesterday and picked it today morning.
  12. Do u (H1Ottawaoct) and hp757 still got accomadation? please let me know.
  13. H-won

    Ottawa Oct 29 - Administrative Process?

    As per my knowledge everyone got passport who got issued on november 5, except me.. Do i need to consider myself as it went to administrative process? I am worried now, after looking at your scenariio. Did you try to reach consulate by any chance? do we have that option? i went thru "was your visa approved?" document. It is not helpful for now.
  14. H-won

    221 G ottawa

    my h1 start date is nov 1 2012 and i went to ottawa consulate on november 6 2012, My visa got approved received passport today
  15. Does any one know what is the PIMS update mail id for ottawa? like it is for Vancouver TO: PIMS@state.gov, vancouverNIV@state.gov Thanks in advance