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  1. rishipampati

    Approved self petitioned NIW 140 vs H4 EAD

    HI, I am on a H4 EAD since November 2015, I filed a NIW self petition in August 2015 that was approved Feb 2016. Will this effect my status under H4 EAD? if not, how long is my 140 valid if I am not working on a H1B visa filed on the basis of the NIW 140. -Confused
  2. rishipampati

    H1B Transfer and Part Time H1B

    Hi, Company A sponsored my H1B and I am working here for a long time. Now I got an opportunity with Company B. Company B wants to file for my H1B transfer the day I start to work. Can I sart working for Company B full time and work part time for Company A? Should Company A file for part time H1B for me again? Please help. Thank you, Rishi
  3. rishipampati

    H1B, Company name change

    Hi, I am on a 4th year H1B with Company A, got my visa stamped in canada this year. My company decided to change its legal name recently, but the federal ID, address and what company does will remain same. Will this affect me in any way? Is there an addendum that needs to be filed? They are planning to file for my Green Card but it will be under the new company name. -Rish