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  1. manssy

    Security Clearance in Vancouver

    i emailed them to tell them i need my passport and picked it up when i got a reply email from them. just make sure you have multiple entry visa for Canada. Good Luck!
  2. manssy

    Security Clearance in Vancouver

    what's your nationality?! i had similar experience. VA told me visa approved but had background check. After 10 days, i asked for my passport back. They gave it to me together with I-797A and told me to return it when clearance is received. I traveled to my home country and got cleared after less than 2 weeks. So I traveled back to Vancouver, got my stamp in 2 days and went back to US. Total time for clearance was 3 weeks for my case, given that i have pretty solid history with US visas since I was a young. I used to come to US every year with my family for vacation. Good luck guys!
  3. manssy

    Chances of getting 221g 2nd time

    I have pretty solid good history with US visas and went for h1b stamping and got admin processing for background check for common Muslim name and Arab country. It was cleared in 3 weeks. Don't count on slim chances of getting 221g. You have high possibility of getting it even if its your second time. They have to do it Everytime you apply for a new visa.
  4. i'm thinking on traveling to my home country while admin processing is going on at US Consulate in Vancouver, then come back whenever clearance arrives. My admin processing is probably security clearance cause I am Egyptian with common Muslim name. - Did anyone go through similar experience? - Do you know how long does it take for Vancouver consulate to clear security checks? - Anyone who attended in Vancouver was put on admin processing and got cleared? how long did it take you? Please share!
  5. Sam, Check out my Post about the interview. The VO didn't ask for a single document. He only looked at passport and I-797A. Though I had a bag full of documents ready to be presented.
  6. Did anyone, who was out on admin processing in Sep 12th or after, hear from US consulate in Vancouver or get their passports back?! Please share!
  7. I had my interview on Sep 12th the days after Cairo attacks and I'm Egyptian. The interview went pretty smooth and the VO didn't even ask for a single document. The security entering the consulate was okay. Since I'm Egyptian with common Muslim name, I have to go through admin processing/clearance. The VO said it will take about 2 weeks. I think it would have taken 2 weeks even without any of those middle east events. If you come from middle eastern country, you gotta prepare to stay for 2 weeks in Vancouver. That's normal for middle easterns. Good Luck!
  8. Yeah, but what does it have to do with my situation? Do you think I would get AP cause of PIMS and not get any of the colored slips indication PIMS missing? Please elaborate as it would make me understand what might have happened.
  9. I just came back from the interview at the US Consulate in Vancouver. The interview went pretty smooth with only 5 questions. Here is the conversation: ---------------------------------------------- Officer: Where do you work? XXX Officer: What do you do there? XXX explained the job duties per I-129 Officer: What type of projects do you design? XXX Officer: Where is the company located? XXX Officer: Did you study at XXX? Yes Officer: What's your highest degree? Masters of XXX Officer: Have you been working on OPT with same company? Yes Then he kept reading a lot of things on the screen and kept scrolling down pages. Then he started asking a couple of more questions. Officer: Your visa will be approved but we need to do administrative processing which might take sometime. How long it will take, cause I'm visiting here and can't be away from work for long time. Officer: It's not gonna take months, but maybe around 2 weeks. We will try to speed it up. Check with us via email. I have all paperwork with me, do you need to see any of it. Officer: I don't need to see any paperwork, I believe you. The administrative processing has nothing to do with your work. Your visa will be approved but the processing has to be done. ---------------------------------------------- If there were problems with my work documents, the officer should have given me a colored slip with case number. But he hasn't given me any slips and asked me to follow up by email. He didn't ask/see a SINGLE document, not even I-129 or LCA. He just took my passport and I-797A Approval. I am assuming the check is because I have common Muslim first and last names, I am from Egypt, and because the US Embassy problems that happened yesterday in Cairo. I am not lucky these incidents in Cairo happened the night before my interview. I asked him if it is gonna take long time, can I get my passport back so I can travel. He said yes you can, keep in touch through emails and if it takes long time, you can request to have your passport back, then bring it again once visa is ready to be issued. The thing that made me a little comfortable is that I didn't get any of the white, blue, or pink case slips, which means my case has no problems or necessary verification other than administrative processing, i.e. Security Clearance. Now, I am in Vancouver with no passport and I don't know what to do. I didn't want to ask him right away for my passport, just in case he might expedite the process and I get it in less than 2 weeks. However, I don't know how long should I wait before asking for my passport back. Any advice or similar experiences?? Please share!
  10. Should I detach the I-94 that came with the approval I-797A and keep it with me, and not give it to the VO at the consulate? Just give them the I-797A without the I-94?
  11. Did anyone who has "Clearance Received" on their F1 visa apply for H1B stamping and got it approved without delays or administrative processing?
  12. also, i've never had clearance check on any of my B1/B2 visas. But my F1 visa had a clearance check and then I got it 5 years multiple. Do they run clearance check on each visa I apply to, or they store the background check on their system? in other words, what is the possibility of getting clearance check when stamping H1 being Egyptians?
  13. Thanks for your advise. I had US B1/B2 visa before two times each for 5 years multiple, and I had my F1 visa for 5 years multiple. I have good records with US consulates and coming to US visiting and leaving on time for years. When I was on F1, I went back home to Cairo 5 times during school breaks and never had issues at POE. I hope this works out well and doesn't have to put me through security checks being Egyptian. Have you come across anyone from Middle East who is applying for H1B stamping in Canada?
  14. Anyone from Middle East went stamping and faced delay due to security checks? Please share your experience, if from Middle East.
  15. Thanks. That was my decision also. I will go to Vancouver. Do you know cheap accommodation close to consulate?