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  1. You can generate a DS-160 form number and fill the application to view the Available Dates and then you can schedule it.
  2. Its better to join the company once you come back. Why would you need to take risk? At least you should have 6 months of pay slip with current employer.
  3. sherinkd

    Work Hours question ?/Please help

    Check your LCA what is the mentioned pay. If your LCA is mentioned 40 hrs per week and you are getting 75 / 2 week. How will the annual pay will be greater than the LCA. I didn't understand the situation correctly. Anyway If your annual pay is greater than its mentioned in the LCA then its fine, if its other way around like if you pay is less than its mentioned in the LCA that will be an issue.
  4. Hi dude, I don't have much idea about how can we change the center. But you can reschedule the appointment date but not the center. Please make sure your client letter doesn't have any end date defined. If its for further extendable mention that the project will be extendable, other wise you are putting yourself into trouble.
  5. sherinkd

    Vancouver Stamping Eligiblity?

    Hi Dude, In your case:- You can go to any place to do the stamping as you are not doing a first H1 stamping. No issues. I hope you know which all documents need to be carried along with you. In your wife case:- She cannot go to Mexico as she is doing 1st H1 B stamping(No need to go to home country to do the 1st H1 stamping, that was an old rule). "Canada" does not have that restriction. You can take your wife and get her H1 stamping done. Please make sure she has at least 8 months of pay slips ready, otherwise that can be a risk. Once 8 months are completed there are no issues. Please feel free to contact me on :- sherindharmarajan@gmail.com for any further clarifications.
  6. sherinkd

    Payslip without 45 days..

    Hi, As you worked for 1.5 years with one company you need to carry those recent payslips. Mostly they won't ask more complicated questions or go deep unless you make some mistakes on the way you answer. When I went two weeks back for stamping, they ask me only three questions. 1. Who is your Employer? 2. What is your Job Title? 3. How long have you been with the current employer? So don't worry about those stuffs.
  7. sherinkd

    Urgent help needed on visa fee information?

    You can only reschedule the appointment date, but with the same location i.e in your case Toronto. If you need to get an appointment date at India you have to go through the same process, that means you will lose 190$. (sorry to say that)
  8. There are no issues by getting married. Just carry the marriage certificate.!!!! So you will be good.
  9. sherinkd

    H1 B stamp-Need Help

    Always provide straight forward answer. If VO ask then provide more info. Here it will be "Yes, First H1 B".
  10. Ok. So Mostly on your LCA the Work Location will be "Employer location". So in your client letter, employer letter you have to specify the employer location, otherwise don't mention the "Work location" in any of the letters.(for safer side). So once the VO asks tell that you are working at Employer location he/she will verify that against the LCA, so you are safe. Always keep in mind you are working at your Employer location in these situations.
  11. sherinkd

    Multiple DS160 Forms Active

    DS-160 will expire after 30 days. Book the appointment and generate a DS-160 number, so that you can book the appointment. So if the appointment is after 30 days your DS160 will expire, so once you book the appointment you can create another DS-160 within 30 days of timeline and edit the scheduled appointment to give the new DS-160 generated number.
  12. sherinkd

    Port of Entry question?

    It is not necessary that you should go to back to worklocation. You can go to corresponding country based on the visa and then come back to US, so once you come back they will replace with new I-94 at your port of entry. Thats y US don't have entry when you went out from the country unless you specify when you come back.
  13. sherinkd

    Employer letter format

    Employer Letter Format: - 1. Yearly Salary based on the LCA. 2. Working location based on LCA. 3. Should include Job Title based on LCA 3. Responsibilities (at least some points should match with Client letter and Venderletter) 4. Employer Business information. 5. Last Paragraph : - requesting for H1 stamping. Important: - should be printed on Bond Sheet and should be signed with bold pen. (not scan signature)
  14. sherinkd

    DS 160 Job title

    DS 160 and all information should match LCA, I797 and I129. its as simple as that.
  15. sherinkd

    H1B Stamping Slot Bookings

    Please read the FAQ, based on my experience we can reschedule only 1 time.