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  1. Hi All, I wanted to share my experience at hyd consulate today. This is my 3rd visa stamping, last time being in canada and hyderabad respectively There were only 3 questions after the initial greet - Who is your petitioner? Since when you are working for the company? Do you have a client ? Since the hardware issue is fixed, I hope to get the passport soon though there are tons of f1 visa candidates n parents for visitors visa. If you are attending the interview in next few days, arrive at the consulate only around 15 mins prior to the appointment or else you will end up waiting forever. Hope this helps.
  2. can_stamping

    Visa Cancellations

    The latest update is that they have made progress and will be hoping to fixed by sometime next week.
  3. can_stamping

    Visa Cancellations

    This is for consulates in india. .
  4. can_stamping

    Visa Cancellations

    Hi All, Just thought of giving an update for everyone - All the non immigration visa appt for the week of June 22 needs to be rescheduled. And this has to be after July 6,2015. This is according to the Consular general website. http://hyderabad.usconsulate.gov/mobile//
  5. can_stamping

    Ds160-immigration question

    Thank you. Yes it is for H1-b stamping, what would be a good answer for - how long you plan to stay in US and why have you applied for the immigration? Appreciate your response. Sunny.
  6. can_stamping

    Wages n financial docs?

    Hi guys, Pls let me know if it's required/mandatory to carry the employer financial n tax docs for h1b stamping at hyd consulate? My employer usually doesn't give out these to the employees. Pls advice.
  7. can_stamping

    Ds160-immigration question

    Hi guys, I have booked my appt at hyd consulate, and filing the ds160. On the section it is required to mention about the immigration, in my case i140 has been approved. So do I say yes for this? If so what would be my response on this, like what can I explain the vo that person is not a potential immigrant? Thanks, Sunny
  8. can_stamping

    Indian Passport Renewal

    Hi All, My passport expires in Jan2016 but my petition is approved till Nov 2017. So I want to renew my Indian passport before visiting for stamping. How soon I can apply for renewal? Any inputs on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sunny.
  9. can_stamping

    Bahamas/Mexico H1b Extension Eligibility

    Just for convenience sake, as Bahamas or Jamaica is a closer and economical option.
  10. Hi All, I have I-140 approved and got my H1 renewal for 3 years and it is set to start in Nov 2014. I am with same employer as my previous H1b stamping, last stamping was done in Canada. Now I am hearing all cancellations for 2014 in Jamaica. Is my case eligible to visit Mexico or Bahamas or Jamaica for stamping? I want to book a slot and just go with it, as I do not want to go thru cancellations and rescheduling. Please let me know if anyone has gone thru this situation and any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks, Sunny.
  11. can_stamping

    Jamaica Cancellations 2014

    Hi All, Can anyone provide information on what's the deal with cancellations in Jamaica? I am planning to visit Jamaica in Dec 2014 for my H1-b renewal. Is everyone getting the cancellations or specific cases? Any info on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks Sunny.
  12. can_stamping

    H1b Stamping - Jamaica or India

    Hi All, I know consulate shopping is a futile exercise! But just want to get experience of the folks who got their H1b stamping in India. Here's brief description of my status - 09 Stamped in India first time - F1 to H1, working as FT 12 Stamped in Vancouver after employer change - H1 Extenstion Now, my stamping will expire in Nov14. I have I140 approved and visa valid till Aug 17 (applied for extension and got approval for 3years) Work for a State Client with vendor management system contracted SOW to a vendor, my employer in turn from vendor. So technically is this EVVC model? I have this doubt because state client always has a vendor management system and that is a default layer. In my case prime vendor has agreement with Vendor Management system and my employer so I can work in the State. With this scenario will it be confusing for the visa officer; especially in India? I have letters from all the layers. Is anyone in similar situation and got the visa stamping in Hyderabad consulate? Please share experiences. Thanks, Sunny.
  13. can_stamping

    H1b- Extension-India DropBox

    Yes I am with same employer but last time stamping was done in Canada.
  14. can_stamping

    H1b- Extension-India DropBox

    My last stamping was in canada yes, but didnot change employer. Does it make any difference?
  15. can_stamping

    H1b- Extension-India DropBox

    Hi All, I heard there is an option now to drop passport in Hyderabad consulate for H1B Extension, does anyone has more details on this? My first stamping was done in India, then changed employers and got my stamping in Vancouver. Now with I140 approved, I got my H1 approved so thinking I can directly go to Hyderabad consulate for stamping. Thanks, Sunny.