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  1. I'm EB2 with PD December, 2010. I'm with Employer-A. If i decide to join Employer-B, Can Employer-B file my I-485 using approved I-140 from Employer-A if dates become current? Employer-B can only file my LC after one year of joining. If not, What are my options.
  2. Appointment was on Oct, 15th at 9:30am. I am in EVC model. Took the client letter along! Got there at consulate at 8:40am. My turn has came at 10:40 on Counter#6. After they walk me into 1. Security check &Token Allocation 2. Finger prints & 3 The Interview. The interview went on for for 15 mins. VO Took 3-4 breaks about 2 minutes each and talking to somebody else about something! (I think, checking the documents needs to be checked!) Here is the list of questions: VO: Who is petitioning for you today? VO: What do you do for them? VO: How long have you been doing this? VO: What's your major? I'm from Electrical background. Told him the same. He seemed to be okay with it. No more questions asked there! VO: Do you have a client? VO: What do they do? VO: What do you do for them? I told him my responsibilities at client location VO: Do you have a client letter? Gave it to him VO: What's your salary? VO: Can i see your LCA? VO: Can i see your paystubs Gave him all of the paystubs for 2012 VO: Can i see your bank statements? Gave him the statements for the last 3 months (Carried last 6 months bank statements). [Highlighted the salary amount on the statement. That made it easy for him & I don't want him to take a look at all of my other transactions too!] VO: Can i see your Tax returns Gave him the latest He said, The Golden words i was awaiting for! Good luck guys..
  3. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the info. ~ R
  4. Hey, Go to Canadian Consulate in NY before 8 am on any business day and submit your application and they will ask you to come after 2 days in between 1.30pm - 2.30 pm to pick up your passport except on Wednesday Regards ray
  5. Hey vishwa, I have an appointment on the same day! Will see ya there.. kiranr@usa.com