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  1. You dont need to complete education in US.IF you have masters or Btech any where is fine... I went stamping, before going to canada i inquired a lot and went ..got successful stamping. Thanks, Ram
  2. Hai Guys, I am Ram, Would like to share my H1B Stamping Experience in Ottawa Canada. Sorry to give you step by step: I applied Canada visiting (Multiple entry)visa through online and with in a week it was approved.Unfortunately i got only one and half year as my wife pass port will expire on that time. So make sure you have lengthy time in your passport to get long time visa. After two weeks i got my Passports. My back ground:Completed masters in India, worked in india with Company A(Mumbai , got stamping in Mumbai ), came use through Company A on H1B worked in US 22 months with one client and i was told to go denmark which i was not interested and got client call got selected and transferred H1B to Company B .In 2009 went India for wedding and got stamped again in Chennai India. Unfortunately company about to close after 22 months took full time with client. Till now did not go to india.Completed 7 years and H1B Extension got approved for three years with I140. I dont have any plans to go to India but My company started managed services to One of the F** Indian company and I dont want to take a risk even though my position is more safer than others.Attended my first interview as usual cleared ..So now need to go for stamping . I paid 190$ fee and filled DS 160 and selected consulate as Vancouver Canada but unfortunately i could not get Dates. To be continued tomorrow:)
  3. neethone

    H1B Stamping in Ottawa CA -- OCT 25

    Can you add me in ur gmail...*********** at gmail...i booked 22nd and confusion how to go not yet booked nay thing....
  4. neethone

    Visa Interview @Ottawa on Oct 15th.

    send me ur contacts mymurthy profilename at gmail...add me we can have a chat...i am in still confusion whether to go stamping or not.. no one is posting what is happening at ottawa consulate...i am scared even though FTE with big client and having all documents... Thanks, Ram
  5. neethone

    Visa Interview @Ottawa on Oct 15th.

    HI, I booked in Ottawa on oct 22.. I have couple of questions: when u r driving did u take rental car? if...then can we drop it in canada? what are the documents do we need to keep while driving on rental car? i checked flighs ..i see one stop around $500 but we need to go toronto and then ottawa..but my visa expired already in 2011..can i travel like that?do i need to book non stop which is 850$? Please help me.. which hotel you booked? Thanks, Ram
  6. What is PIMS ?I am planing to go to canada..Please reply me
  7. neethone

    Current Date for Ottawa ???

    From oct 24th.....
  8. neethone

    H1B Stamping -October 7th in Toronto.

    Is Same US drivers license is valid in Canada too? Yesterday i booked on Oct 28 at Ottava.. Planning to change it to Toronto.... What is the success rate at Toronto? Tanks, Ram