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  1. I think 60 day will be counted when USCIS approved the request, then you get mail. But your case looks like not complicated in general ask the same employer to file again, as it is his mistake and even if you take 60 days into account. As long he files ASAP that is good for you.

    Not sure how your attorney/employer not kept you in loop when any action taken on you and they need your consent. anyways ask him to file ASAP.


  2. Hi,


    I'm on H-1B status. can H1B visa holders mine crypto like BTC or ETH, as a passive income. I know that we can buy property and rent it out for passive income and report it to IRS yearly. is it same with crypto mining or it is treated as earning through self-employment (not sure whether it is self employment because im on H1B working for employer). or should I wait till I get my EAD and start company then do do mining.



  3. Hi,

    I'm on H1B(GC in-process), now I'm planning to start a company in INDIA, below are my questions,

    1. Is it legal for H1B holder to start a business in foreign/INDIA
    2. if it is legal, do I need to report in US tax returns
    3. if I need to report in US tax returns then what is the limit on foreign income, even if company not making any profits or if I earn any income on rental properties.

    Please suggest.

  4. My wife(H1B holder), child (Infant US born) and me on H1B, travelling together to INDIA next month. At that point in time what should I answer for below questions,

    • Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States? 
      • should I answer NO, as they are with me in INDIA?
    • Are you traveling as part of a group or organization? 
      • My wife/child they are not attending visa interview. Question is should I enter my family members here?
    • Present Work
      • What should I enter in "Start Date". I'm on extension with current employer. Should I enter initial start date with employer which was 4 years back or should I enter current extension I-797 start date.


  5. My wife is on H1B(7th year)  and she got extension based on approved I-140.can you please clarify below questions

    • If she change to H4 status, later if she wants to change to H1B, does she need to go through H1B lottery  or it is treated as CAP exemption.
    • In any way will it affect approved I-140. can she apply for GC when priority date becomes current while on H4 status? or does she needs to be on H1B status to apply for GC.
    • on H1B can a person be on maternity leave for more than 6 months.


  6. Hi,

    My wife planning for dropbox in Hyd for visa extension. I have below questions please clarify and any suggestions much appreciated:

    1. Recently married have marriage certificate and we didn't apply for change of name. Question is while filling DS-160 or any other form, should she provide her lastname or use my lastname

    2. Is it fine to say status as married and provide her lastname instead of mine.

    3.or should she go by saying status as "single" and use her lastname, so that it won't lead to any further questions.. I guess consulate won't know about person's marriage.

    4. Did anyone recently went for dropbox or in what scenarios consulate will call for interview. Currently she is working in  E-V-C model, even first time interview was successful with same EVC model.



  7. 3 hours ago, raavij said:

    you can go when you are returning at port of entry you need to show the new approved I-797 so that your i-94 will be issued up to 2020.

    drop box is suspended temporarly

    Thanks Raavij, for your input. One question,

    trying to understand in what scenario at port of entry(POE) they will not allow to enter into US. one scenario obviously VISA is expired even if you have new approved I-797.

    one year back, in my case, I have reentered USA while H1B( change of employer) petition was in-processing and with valid old visa, Officer was saying, my new H1B petition should not be approved at the time of POE). And you are saying I can re-enter with approved I-797? can you or anybody suggest or any pointers to any other websites.




  8. Hi All,

    Please suggest on below question,

    I have a valid visa till May'2017 and recently got H1B extension till May'2020. Since there is so much ambiguity on travelling to INDIA. Do I need to go for visa interview if I travel to INDIA even if I valid visa?

    • Can I come back to USA with old visa and with new H1B extension and also there is no change of employer.
    • can I use drop-box in INDIA?


  9. Hi,


    I'm planning to attend H1B visa interview in Hyderabad in next couple of weeks. can you please suggest for below questions how to put in best words,


    FYI: 6 months back, I have transferred my H1B to new employer - its a full time job, it has inhouse federal projects. Previous employer  was consulting company(with previous employer my visa recently expired)


    what should I answer for below questions

    1. who is your client/end client - My HR wants me to say - we work on several inhouse projects - just need better way to say
    2. If I say inhouse project - will they ask me to present any documentation.
    3. Why did you change your employer

  10. Hi,


    From Aug 31,2015, I have accepted full time position with XX company. below are some info


    • my new XX company filed for H1B change of employer in August 2015
    • after I got the I797 receipt notice(not approval notice), my old employer revoked my H1B. But my new employer assured it doesn't matter if my old employer revokes old H1B as we got new I797 receipt notice.
    • my previous valid visa from old employer expiring in Nov LAST WEEK 


    Now due to family emergency I have traveled to INDIA in November 1st week and returning in 1 week. But before travelling my new employer attorney, has said I can travel safely as long as my new H1B is still in under process(it should not be approved while traveling, I took a risk considering current H1B processing times).



    can you guys know anything about this, will I run into any trouble? Please let me know if I need to carry any other documents.



    I did my research, based on guidelines it says at PORT of ENTRY, they will consider my OLD I94 dates to issue new I-94.

    • my concern is  how this works if my previous H1B petition is revoked, does it mean it revokes my previous I797 too or I797 is not related to H1B peition.

    Please suggest I'm travelling back in 3 days.




  11. I have joined a consulting company, California based in 2011 and I have signed the Non-compete agreement which says I cannot accept employment with client for period of 2 years after termination of project.


    Now I'm in virginia working for direct client and the client is offering me full-time position.


    Just wondering will my employer will have any chance to take legal action on me. As far as I know in california these Noncompete clasues are void.



    just trying to understand, the con-compete i signed is as per california rules and now I'm in virginia, are these CA rules still valid VA.


    And what happens to I140 priority date. can I still retain my priority date even after my employer revokes my I140.



    Please suggest.


  12. Hi Jairichi,


    came to know from attorney that it will not come under H1B CAP exempt because it is not with past 6 years. And now I'm planning to second opinion.


    just trying to understand what is the baseline to count as past 6 years(is there any rule that says it should be with in past 6 years).


    For example:

    H1B visa(or I-797) validity - oct 2007 to sep 2010. and the candidate was in USA in 2008 just for couple of months and went back to home country. Sep 2010(which is H1B exp date), which means it is within past 6 years of his H1B validity period(oct 2007 - sep 2010). is he still considered as CAP EXEMPT.


  13. My H1B got approved in 2007 and I came to USA in January 2008 . Due to some reasons I had to go back to INDIA in 2008 October. And now I'm planning to come back to USA. Please provide suggestions on my below questions,

    1. I'm not sure if my employer has cancelled or withdrawn my H1b - does it matter

    2. Is it possible to come to USA with different employer

    3. If I come with different employer will it comes under cap exempt

    4. Or Do I need to file new H1B in April again.

    5. It's been more than 6 years, will I still be eligible to cap exempt under new employer

    Please suggest.

  14. Hi,


    Please help me with my questions,


    Does anyone went for second time H1B visa stamping in India recently. As per the guidelines it says we can drop our documents in the drop-box, questions I have is,


    • can we really use  drop-box for H1B stamping in India provided i met all the requirements(same employer, and last visa issued in INDIA)
    • do I need to schedule fingerprint EVEN FOR DROP-BOX
    • do I need to schedule interview even to drop the documents
    • do we have this drop-box in CANADA(same employer, and last visa issued in CANADA)

    Anyone has any experience with this please share ur experience.


    Thanks for the help :)

  15. Got email from loomis on Oct 9th 7PM that my passport is picked up by loomis and will be ready for pickup in another next few days.

    Nxt day Oct 10th' afternoon went to Anjou LOOMIS location picked up my passport.

    now get the hell out of here :)

    Info: while scheduling interview I have selected Anjou loomis, later since website allowed me edit the location, I changed it to Brampton, but on Oct 9th, I got email saying it will hold for pick up at Anjou location.(if you know this already ignore it - i think for change of location will be updated only when you reschedule whole appointment).

    Becozz of this, I had to rush to Anjou overnite to pick it up next day( :) can't wait to see the passport ).

    Overall in canada:

    19 hours GO-BUS ride and 4 hrs of local bus and train

    >5km walk

    got chance to see ottowa, toronoto, montreal, mississuaga.

    guys try to get things done using subway or local transit or greyhound, here cabs are f--king expensive, never try cab.

    Good luck to you all for ur visa stamping.