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  1. mavrikicecool

    Need suggestion on H1B Stamped Visa Extention

    you might as this case was approved with a close call
  2. mavrikicecool

    Need suggestion on H1B Stamped Visa Extention

    your h1b is invalid as if you do not use the h1b within 6 years, u have to go to h1b lottery again i may be wrong, but better consult a lawyer.
  3. better wait and get it approved with new client, do not risk and run through rejection.take time find one soon. get it approved and go for stamping still u can chance but its upto u.....
  4. yes i have been through the same route. new rule only applies to land border they would not allow with you r old company visa with new company p;petition but the airport has a different way they accept it, and would allow it, my friend has been last year. so i went to border to get my i94 updated as its not updating even though i94 is updated in copy dmv wasn't able to validate it. so through of going to border and inquired about it, they said u wont be allowed if you leave an come back. Rules from land border to airport are different, better be careful.
  5. mavrikicecool

    Singapore H1 Visa Stamping

    if your lucky u will get it, most probably if u r not a resident they may redirect you to home country nearest consulate.
  6. mavrikicecool

    First time H1B visa interview in Mexico

    better consult a laywer, as canada is only the country which allows for first h1b, rest are only for renewals, as your case is different ask a known lawyer.
  7. visiting visa for mexico is valid for 6 months, they do not issue beyond 6 months
  8. mavrikicecool

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada

    calgary is fine to
  9. mavrikicecool

    Change of employer and Visa expired

    go to mexico
  10. mavrikicecool

    H1B - Visa Stamping @ Mexico

    why did u go without a client letter , may be u have to wait in mexico, till this cleared, i have heard about people going back to home country after a month long wait, then if they approve it, then you have to fly back and get u r passports stamped. heard due to no re entry people left to mexico city and from there they had to go to europe -india as flight routing was so different, this was back in 2012 when things were very difficult but 221g result in mexico might be sooner, check for the previous posts with similar experiences
  11. Hi Guys, Any one with past experiences at this location Nuevo Laredo, please share your feed back I have the appointment on 17th and 18th of july 2019, need some guidance regards, shashi
  12. mavrikicecool

    Nuevo Laredo H1 Visa Stamping - April 17

    Hi Eric, Can you please help me, as i am abt to book the dates for neuvo laredo, because matamoros doesn't have any dates, Regards, shashi
  13. mavrikicecool

    stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

    you would have once chance to book the appointment and another to reschedule i guess, ya you could change the consulate to, see the information in the US mex visa portal
  14. mavrikicecool

    stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

    yes use this service, he would help you out his name is mark.very good and friendly, refer me would get referral fee shashi, mavrikicecool@gmail.com http://www.usvisamex.com/matamoros/visa_stamping_updates