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  1. mavrikicecool

    H1B - Visa Stamping @ Mexico

    why did u go without a client letter , may be u have to wait in mexico, till this cleared, i have heard about people going back to home country after a month long wait, then if they approve it, then you have to fly back and get u r passports stamped. heard due to no re entry people left to mexico city and from there they had to go to europe -india as flight routing was so different, this was back in 2012 when things were very difficult but 221g result in mexico might be sooner, check for the previous posts with similar experiences
  2. Hi Guys, Any one with past experiences at this location Nuevo Laredo, please share your feed back I have the appointment on 17th and 18th of july 2019, need some guidance regards, shashi
  3. mavrikicecool

    Nuevo Laredo H1 Visa Stamping - April 17

    Hi Eric, Can you please help me, as i am abt to book the dates for neuvo laredo, because matamoros doesn't have any dates, Regards, shashi
  4. mavrikicecool

    stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

    you would have once chance to book the appointment and another to reschedule i guess, ya you could change the consulate to, see the information in the US mex visa portal
  5. mavrikicecool

    stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

    yes use this service, he would help you out his name is mark.very good and friendly, refer me would get referral fee shashi, mavrikicecool@gmail.com http://www.usvisamex.com/matamoros/visa_stamping_updates
  6. mavrikicecool

    stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

    HI Guys, I asc was on 6th and interview on 7th, Went for asc its bit hectic on that day, done with finger prints, there was a queue on that day close to about 40-50 applicants. Next on 7th morning went to the visa interview and left my articles with the agent who took us. waited in the queue for about 10 minutes, done with security check and proceeded towards seating area. there were couple of windows still not opened, only one was opened by that time it was 820 am.Me and my other 2 friends went in at the same time. All of a sudden all the windows started to open up. I went into one of them when i was told. 1) Wished him good morning.He replied it 2) asked for 797 and passport. He started to see my passport, asked which one is the latest as i had old and new 3) then was viewing 797 and asked me so you work for Cognizant and i replied yes 4) asked about the client told Verizon. 5) He was not able to hear me, and says u got to speak up louder, as even my other peer in that counter should hear you(He has good sense of humor ) , he kept on typing into his system 6) asked about my current job location, told him as per LCA as it was another small city in tampa, then he was confused, and told them its another city in tampa, he said "oh" , tampa florida. (Better tell as per lca, all your details including city, title...etc everything. if there is a variation in salary ask for u r lawyer, but i told my offer letters compensation) 7) how much do you make up yearly replied 100k but my lca was about 62k only. I told him my offer letter compensation for this. He didn't replied and kept on typing 8) and then last told me to collect the passport at about 3 by showing up my other ID proof , if the printing may be done by that time but told be prepared for next day. better guys dont book you return fare, as my friend had got it next day afternoon by 3 pm, this happens for few. 9)Land based immigration takes time and they make you wait for an hour as they are on their own, not like the airport immigration (there is no asap) so you guys cant make it for last flight and i missed it took a hotel in Brownsville for that day and left in the early morning flight that's it Regards, shashi
  7. mavrikicecool

    Anyone for 6th and 7thvisa for Matamoros

    sure i will post it
  8. Hi, I am going for h1b renewal on 6th and 7th to Matamoros, i will reach on 5th morning to Brownsville,.Is anyone having the date please let me know regards, shashi
  9. mavrikicecool

    1 month valid h1b left over to come back

    I am traveling to india and would be returning in may but the time i return i would have only 1 month remaining with my valid h1b but my visa is valid till next year august, what is the advice which any expert can give me, is it ok to travel and come back with one month valid h1b please advice
  10. mavrikicecool

    H1b Re-stamping in London?

    well i have been on 18th of oct to london embassy it doesn't seem to be so easy......i am on work permit so i did attend here.....if u r on a wp or any legal status then it would be easy or else he would ask u to withdraw and attend in u r home country or the place where u got u r h1b stamped initially
  11. I have been recently transferred from india on a intra company transfer(TIer-2) from cognizant.And i work for british airways. My H1b visa interview experience at US Embassy London 1) What’s your qualification? 2) Which university (asked twice by 2 different officers) 3) Is this a new offer 4) Why do want to go to us and why do u want to change the job when u have been recently transferred 5) First time to US 6) So your role would be a programmer in the new company after seeing something in System. 7) What’s the Company name 8) What do they do 9) Who are the clients 10) Which client will you work for (told him that I will be working for sponsors company not for the client.) 11) What is the project explain about it. 12) Asked about the previous visa attempts (the 11 attempts on f1 which I made in india) 13) Why do you want to leave the current organization? 14) When I told about the role and explained about the project, he was still expecting much info about the project and was asking anything else…then I told that’s all I know about the client and about the project which I will be working for 15) Asked about the contact person whose name has been mentioned in the DS 160, what he does in New Jersey, how do you know you? 16) You could have tried in India why did you come here. 17) Why did you come to UK 18) Where do you work in UK and when were you transferred from India(He was checking the UK Visa) 19) Are you a resident of UK 20) Why did u get h1b from this company why not from Cognizant(As I work here) instead? 21) Explain you’ r exact role and responsibilities at the new company where you have been offered this position( repeatedly asked for twice by 2 different officers) 22) Asked about the documents provided by the employer 23) Asked about the current work permit and the timeframe of my stay in UK What happened at the London Embassy with me: I went to the window and told him HI. First the officer spoke to me and I told him the details for 5-6 questions which he has asked one by one which I have mentioned above, he saw my passport and took it to another officer who was sitting behind him and they discussed and after few minutes, he came back and asked about the documents like the lca and the letters from the employer, and I gave all other documents. He told to be seated at the waiting room will call u back. I left and sat in the waiting area. After ½ hour I was called again ,this time the officer and another officer was behind ,they started to asked one after the other. The other officer was asking about the petition being filed from another company, why not to go with cognizant, further questions were repeatedly asking more details about the project and my role in the project (I guess he was stressing about the technologies and & wants to know something else about the project but i was completely tensed and shivering but was confident but i lost control on my mind and was not focusing much, this was my situation at that point) Then the other officer asked me about the university where I studied and he was asking whether it’s something like BA equivalent or something else.i told i was a engineering graduate from India , he didn't asked anything after this When I told about the project I mentioned few details, the moment I told them this they were seeing something in their PC’s. I guess they had the full info about the sponsor. Then he told me to stay back at the waiting area .by then everyone was gone from waiting area it was close to 2pm in London. Then he again re called me and asked to put my 4 fingers on the scanner, and then he told me I am done.I am approving your visa you will get it in within 3-5 working days .I thanked him and wished him and left the embassy office. So that’s it.