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  1. Ginger11

    Stamping advise required

    - 3 weeks trip, to get married and appear for H1 stamping and new H4. - Currently on 6th year. (Previous visa expired 2014 with old employer). - i-140 pending. (might be approved anytime now, its premium). - 797 will have 3 months left at time of visa interview. and 2.5 months at POE - Have client and vendor letter. (been with this client for 7 months now). (evc for a 13 months). - Amendment for this client is pending though. LCA has previous client address. - Lawyer told me to carry amendment receipt# and letter from employer. Does it sounds like way too of a stretch? Could someone please advise?
  2. Good to know. Thanks Shekar. But what would one fill in ds160, the Old receipt number? Or pending amendment number? Also, Lca would have previous client. So, where do you intend to work, would have the new client name and address right? Or would it be employer? In a Evc type. Assuming new clients and vendor have given letters.
  3. There is a thread rolling for sep 17th. Do you want to join us there? http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/43801-h1b-visa-stamping-in-ottawa-sep-17th/
  4. Ginger11

    H1B Visa Stamping in Ottawa, Sep 17th

    Bandrablues, Myself and Arun have confirmed for 17th monday 8:30AM. We haven't booked our rooms yet. Its better, if you could let us know, as soon as you book your dates, so we could confirm and book the room size accordingly and arrange other travel plans. Thanks,
  5. Ginger11

    H1B Visa Stamping in Ottawa, Sep 17th

    Guys I am in for accommodation!! I have no way of joining you guys for travel though (unless I park my car in syracuse, and join you en route), which seems to be a little far fetched. also, in case one of us has processing delays, everyone have to wait. we might need some flexibility in travel. So, Is the plan to book a larger room (Hotwire with 3stars and above seems good to me), and 3 or 4 of us can share? we can check in on sunday evening and keep a block for 3/4 days. Because, Arun started this thread, I think its fair enough, we ask him to book the rooms ;) I will be working remote, during day time. Any sight seeing plans for evenings? Beer? Food?
  6. I am planning to rent and drive from Cleveland (probably leave on saturday late night or sunday early morning and check in with the hotel on sunday PM. If any one nearby say, detroit, columbus, cincinnati, pittsburgh, syracuse, rochester areas, want to join, let me know. we could share hotel and/or travel and save some $$. karthik1107@hotmail.com
  7. Ginger11

    TRV canada visa question

    All passports? You mean the old one and new one together? I have a feeling of uneasiness when I part with my passport; say from the moment I post it into USPS and till the date I get it back in my hand, I have a sense of insecurity. Does any one else, have the same symptoms too? Lol!
  8. Ginger11

    Planning to go to Canada for H1B stamping.

    9 years? Man seriously? What are you, a hermit? Do you live in woods or something? Lol! Jokes aside, to answer your question, if the documents are perfect and you have not been out of status before without any complications, I think you shouldn't really worry about stamping. Assuming VO asks this question as to why you did not visit home country in 9 years, its good to be prepared with a reasonable answer. Don't worry it should go fine.
  9. Ginger11

    Why do people go to Canada for Visa stamping

    Most people are in a change of status situation, where they have to travel. Say you want to visit niagara "Horshoe side", and your visa is expired/not valid anymore, then its easier to jump on to Canadian side and get stamped and re-enter. (Literally not jumping, read as "Going thru visa process). Travel to India in itself is very demanding, and trying to squeeze an indian US consulate visit during your trip, is much more difficult. Its easier to take a road trip across border, have some chilled beer, get stamped and forget about the visa for another 3 years. oh also, its think about the privilege of working from hotel which makes it a good excuse, to be 3-4 days away from work. more perks! and what about all those photos you click away in canada? Its worth it, I'd say. (but all of this, for people with US masters I guess), i think there are restrictions/ possible delays for people without US education transcripts.
  10. Any one willing to share hotel and travel (if feasible)? I am planning to drive a rental from Ohio via buffallo syracuse. please get in touch.
  11. Could you please post your TRV experience? As to forms, payment method, how much bank balance to show, how did you mail your documents to canadian embassy, time frame to get your canadian visa etc?
  12. Ginger11

    DS160 submission

    I dont think, there is any cut off to submit DS160. However, its reasonable to expect, to submit atleast 4-5 days before your appointmnet,because, 797 verification in their PIMS system takes 4-5 working days. So, there there. If you dont want any processing delays, submit as early as possible.
  13. Ginger11

    TRV canada visa question

    TRV Document checklist states, copy of workauth documents. So, I guess "photo copy" should be sufficient.