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  1. So I had been interviewed by an old lady on counter #6 on 12/10/2012 and put me under administrative processing without asking any documents and case number. Neither my employer nor my client ever been contacted for any kind of verification. On Dec 20th, I received email saying they are done with administrative processing and in middle of visa processing. Please come pick up your passport on 12/27/2012. Today 12/21/2012 I checked my application status here and shows the visa has been issued. (https://ceac.state.g...YzCYubaSQI+RA==) Thinking nothing to loose, went there and asked for my passport and got it. One more important thing. consulate has diff departments for 221g and admin processing so I would suggest to send an email to all ID's if you don't know where your case fall into. General : vancouverniv @ state dot gov Fraud Protection Unit vancouverfpu @ state dot gov Admin processing unit vancouverap @ state dot gov (mine one was vancouverap) Timeline: Interviewed 12/10/2012 Given Admin processing, no case number Email 12/20/2012 Admin process complete, please collect your passport on 12/27 Passport picked up 12/21/2012 Since 221g and admin process are resolves so quickly here compared to other consulates, Vancouver is definitely a cool place for visa stamping if you have all your documents lined up. Reach me on crackjack2011 at gmail dot com if you have any question that I could solve. Best of luck guys.
  2. I have worked on campus from Aug 2006 to Dec 2009. I graduated in Dec 2009 and then I joined a company in March 2010 and worked until Dec 2010 on OPT as volunteer. I joined new company on January 2011 and worked until Nov 2011 and got paid all the time. (I was still on OPT). Now I joined my current employer in Dec 2011 and still with the same employer. My question is how many employers do we need to mention? -On campus job employers? Unpaid work employer? or just paid one as in my case the last two one? or all of them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I received 221G with I have posted here. It does not have any documents listed to submit like the other posts have said. Does anyone know what this means? Is it 221g White slip or something else? VO did not ask me to submit any document and kept I797 & passport.
  4. Hello Guys, I have an appointment in Dec, in Vancouver and came up with one question for you guys to answer. I work on EVC model and so I get paid an hourly basis. Roughly I work 40 hours a week every week. Now due to client work requirement, I have to work overtime on some of the pay period. i am working 50 hours a week from last 3 months which will be fall back to 40 hrs anytime soon Also I do not get paid for national holidays and so for such pay period, I am getting less pay. So my 12 month pays are not matching the amount with each other. Sometimes I have 700 more and other times I have 300 less than the average pay for 40 hours a week. Now on consulate's eye, I am a full time employee of my employer and I should have a consistency in pay as per my annual pay. What should be a good answer if VO asks why you have different pay amount on pay stubs? Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.
  5. It was same case with me and I took color print out with me on resume paper and it was completely fine. Also in my case I did not have an option to get it shipped even by overnight but if you have an option, you can try that too.
  6. sam1983

    221g- yellow- Toronto - Dec 31st

    Mine was also on Dec 10th at Vancouver consulate with no common muslim name and put under admin processing but not yelow slip. Next week following the interview, got email from consulate that they are done with admin processing and passport will be ready on so and so date. If your client/employer never been contacted then its just background check and you should hear soon from the consulate.
  7. sam1983

    221g- yellow- Toronto - Dec 31st

    Is there any case number given or any document checks on 221g? If there's no case number then it may be a background or client check. I do not have common muslim name and still have to go through back common ground check.
  8. sam1983

    Confusion on Status shown in ceac.state.gov

    This could be client/employer verification or background check. You will get your visa if everything is lined up.
  9. sam1983

    Status in ceac.state.gov

    When your visa is approved, it will be showing "Issued". May be needs 2-3 more days if they are finished with your admin process. of course you can go to consulate on passport pick up time and ask for your passport.
  10. One general rule is not to lie. I have been asked these questions- why you are here? - H1B Visa Stamping at US Consulate Why you mentioned 10 days stay in immigration form? - Generally it takes 3-4 days to receive passport but being on safe side I mentioned 10 days. Where will you stay? - Ramada Limited - West Pender St, Downtown. That's it. You need to have good memory and good preparation if you're going to lie to authority.
  11. sam1983

    Vancouver Admin Processing resolved

    I have not heard of any cases like that. I believe your employer can give you the best reply. Best of luck.
  12. Once you submit your DS-160 form, take that number and update it on the appointment website. I believe if it's done 2 working days (min 1) before the interview, you're on safe side. I had the exact same scenario and I updated mine on Thursday night when my interview was on next Monday.
  13. sam1983

    221g Hyd, working remotely from India

    hey can you share your email id or mail me on crackjack2011 at g mail I would like to know what's reason they think to revoke your visa? did u miss any document or not getting pay on time or in house project?
  14. sam1983

    Anyone in vancouver waiting with 221g

    I can take my passport back and go back to India but as we don't know the time frame, what is they called the next day we reach india and also I heard in some cases they need to reappear for visa. That's why I am hang to vancouver presently hoping to hear back something from client or employer.
  15. I am stuck in vancouver with 221g and would like to know if anyone is here with same? We may share accommodation or at least keep in touch. Please email me at crackjack2011 at gmail dot com. Thank you
  16. sam1983

    Anyone in vancouver waiting with 221g

    Dec 10th. Haven't heard anything from client or employer side so not sure what processing are they doing...
  17. Thanks.. I am waiting for them to send any update to client or employer...
  18. sam1983

    h1b stamping 221g since Nov 5th

    Which consulate you got 221g? Is there any check list on documents on that form? any case number given?
  19. sam1983

    221G white on Dec 11, ottowa

    Is this 221g white with document check list or one which says Administrative processing? I received one which says admin processing with no documents listed or anytyhing.
  20. I got 221g white. After several questions and several documents, visa lady said everything looks good for you but we need to verify some information at our side. I asked her what went wrong can i know? anything from employer side or client side and she said we don't know at this moment./ She said it takes 1 day to 1 week to 1 month to finish the process. i apologize for you to having go through this. Anyone know what this could be? This has 221g white letter which says administrative processing. Also can anyone inform me the common client or employer questions they ask the very next day. I cannot find it here. Thank you.
  21. No they have not send email to client or employer yet...
  22. At onemoresuggestion, I am on EVC model. My interview was on 10th and I called my manager y'day on 11th and he has not received anything yet. Even my employer did not receive anything yet. Is there any case when they receive emails later sometime like after few days or weeks? Anyone gone through same situation?
  23. Can anyone please tell me if this is 221g and if it is, which type(color), since 221g wite has a case number and document checklist.
  24. I don't have common muslim name. I am not even muslim by religion.