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  1. Aug 27th is the first date, Sept has lot of dates and Oct as well.
  2. keshavardhan

    Need Visa Dates Info for Toronto

    Can anyone please help me with this. I would appreciate a lot.
  3. Hi kmodugu, When you said no dates available, Is it for toranto or some other location? Could share some available dates for toronto location please?
  4. keshavardhan

    Need Visa Dates Info for Toronto

    Could someone please help me with the visa availability dates for Toronto for July and August please.
  5. keshavardhan

    Need Visa Dates for Quebec City

    Thanks a lot for the post!
  6. keshavardhan

    canada visa dates availability

    Do they even open so many months ahead of time? some location usually open one month ahead, Is this the same thing with Canada or this is different scenario?
  7. keshavardhan

    Need Visa Dates for Quebec City

    Hello everyone, Could someone post the visa dates availability for the month of July in Quebec city please. I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Hello All, Could someone please post the availability of visa dates for H1B visa stamping in Matamoros for the month of July. I would greatly appreciate your help.
  9. keshavardhan

    Documents needed for Filing H4 EAD

    Do we have the latest I-765 form released..?
  10. Hello All, Once the H4 EAD Rule is in Effective starting May 26th, which location should we send our applications to. Is it the same location where my H1B application is sent or same location where my I140 Application is sent to..? Your response would be greatly appreciated.
  11. keshavardhan

    Flying from Jamaica to India-- Pain??

    Hi Sachin, I went to Jamaica in Oct for VISA and had to face a tough situation there and happened to had interviewed 3 times and finally got VISA but i totally understand your fear and i have been through that stage. People please stop pushing someone into fear and try helping them if you can. I don't know if there is any other route other than flying through US to INDIA but i have heard that a guy was rejected in Kingston consulate and went back to India so taking that into consideration i guess there should be some other route other than US to go to INDIA. The guy also posted his experience in the same forum so please go through that stuff and you will find solution to that.
  12. Hello, Could you guys please tell me the available dates in Kingston for the month of December? is it really open or kind of totally blocked..? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. keshavardhan

    Visa interview on 10th Oct - Status back to AP

    @aponnay: So usually in Jamaica they ask you to collect passport in consulate after 2 business days. What did they say when you went to consulate on Wednesday. You said they are doing some processing but did they tell you any date that you can come back and pick the passport or what did they say about passport pickup..?
  14. keshavardhan

    Successful visa stamping on Kingston, Jamaica

    Hi Vijay, Did the guy with PIMS verification get his passport..? Did he collect this afternoon..?
  15. keshavardhan

    Weird story

    Hello Vijay, Who also mentioned that there was a guy whose PIMS was not verified and he was asked to collect on friday afternoon and was he able to collect the passport this afternoon without any issue..? Could you please post that if you have any information about that.