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  1. hb_india

    Eligibility category in i765

    Hello All For I-765 which I am currently applying with Adjustment of status what should I check for my wife I-765. will it be a Initial permission to accept employment or Renewal of my permission as she already applied EAD when she was on H-4 with my I-140
  2. going for visa on 02/14/2018 @ hyd-india
  3. hb_india

    porting priority date after i140 approval

    Hello Ramya, Thanks for your reply. I do have same A# in my old and new 140. If we have same A# then are we good or do we need to request a new 140 with old PD?
  4. Hello All, Need Suggestion in porting PD between two 140 approvals in EB2 category. Employer A filed my labor and 140 and pd is 8/9/2010 2 years back i changed my employer and got new 140 approved with pd 10/11/2013. I asked my lawyer about porting my old date to new 140 and he said its not necessary.I can file 485 with my old 140.Can any one advice me on this if its good to port my old pd to new 140 right away. Even i heard uscis is not porting old pd to new 140.Is it true? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Need clarification.Can employer file brand new perm application if the filed perm for the employee is in audit?
  6. Finally Both the I539 applications got approved by Vermont service center.It took 8 months to approve.Just be patient and wait. Applied on august 19th for extension. Employer change in November and august 539 still in initial review. applied another 539 with the new employer. New employer h1 got approved on jan 2nd and both the 539 applications got approved on April 25th.
  7. Jairichi, Being said about my wife's case, i forgot to mention one more thing.I filed her h4 extension on august 19th and got an eac number.On November 20th i changed my employer and got a new h1b with the new employer.My new employer filed my wifes 539 on nov 20th and at that time her august 19th 539 is still in initial review.Right now she is having two I-539 applications pending with vsc.Is this the problem y her application is getting delayed?
  8. Hello shrek449, Any update from your side?
  9. Hi Jairichi, Is there any way to see what VSC processing time for I539 .I tried in uscis website but its says 2.5 months. One more suggestion from your side.My wife I-94 expired on sep 30th 2013 and i applied for extension on august 19th 2013.The case is still in initial review with USCIS and if she travels back to india with pending 1539 what are here chances of getting visa and will her stay considered illegal here. Thanks for your help jairichi.
  10. shrek449 you said its in DEC 2013, but i applied in August and if u see current processing time for 539 applications with Vermont service center they are doing till October 16th 2013.So may be u need to wait for one month..
  11. jairichi Thanks for the reply.Till now i created 2 service requests.Even today i called USCIS customer service center and they are saying its in initial review and need to wait.Don't know how long it will take.
  12. Applied on August 19th with VSC and still in initial review.Is anyone in same boat.Please update your details so that we can track the process.
  13. from august 30th to sep 8th
  14. We will be staying here in ottawa for 2 weeks. Contact :- rajeshnimms@gmail.com