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  1. Hello, Would you please share with me the template of your I-290b? My email is gunnam.rkishore@gmail.com. Thanks, Kishore.
  2. If you are looking for accommodation at -Calgary from 07/14 to 07/20. Please contact me.. My emil id is available in my profile Thanks kishore
  3. I'm looking for accomdation too. I have interview scheduled on 16th. Please email me at ************** . c o m, we can work out a plan.
  4. rajkp

    Accommodation in Calgary July14th to 20th ..

    I'm looking for accomdation during that period, if it is still available? can you email me with the information ***************** @ y a h o o . c o m
  5. rajkp


    thanks for the info!
  6. rajkp

    H1B Visa stamping

    Thanks nyc@1 for your input.
  7. rajkp

    Successful H1B stamping in Vancouver on 7th Sep 2012

    I have also done my COS from L1-H1. Seema, please let me know if you get any inputs for stamping in Canada.
  8. rajkp

    H1B Visa stamping

    Hi, I have few questions regarding h1b stamping in canada. I have come to USA thru company A on L1B visa in Mar 2008, I worked for 4 years and resigned from company A in Mar 2012. I have joined company B on H1B from Apr 2012 and I have approved H1B I-797 till Mar 2014 (1 year & 7 months from today). I don't have H1B visa stamping. I just want to plan for visa stamping in canada. I don't have masters degree from USA. I have completed my masters in India. Will I be eligible to go for the visa stamping in canada? Do I need to travel back to home country for the visa stamping? If I go to canada for stamping, will it be a concern if i don't have masters degree from USA? Please let me know your thoughts. appreciate your help. Regards Raj