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  1. Hi Dragon1234, were you able to continue your employment? was there any impact? i am in the same situation so just wanted to confirm. can you please let me know.
  2. i have the same question and am looking for some options for this situation. Did you get any info on this from any other sources?
  3. @aa5: i am in vancouver. sorry i forgot to mention that @sam: just basic questions and docs. below were the questions asked by VO. it was approved n i got the passport but they messed up the expiration date so i had to return the passport to consulate and now i am just waiting for the loomis email. 1. how long are you with your current employer? 2. Do you have an end client and who? 3. were you with another employer before and how long were you with him? 4. what is your designation? 5. how many hours do you work per week? 6. how are you paid biweekly or monthly? 7. what is your salary? 8. Did you study or go to school in US? if yes, where? 9. pay stubs,i129 and LCA
  4. Guys, i am done with my interview and waiting for my passport which i would get it sometime next week(oct1-oct5).so i will have to extend my stay here in travelodge and have someone join me if you are looking for accommodation. i am also ok if you would like me to join with you if you have accommodation available. This is like 1 mile away from airport/loomis. please drop me an email with your contact details ASAP at mavuramdot a r u n at the rate gmail.com
  5. vanoct30

    Anyone for H1B Stamp on OCT2nd at Vancouver

    Guys, if in any case any of you plan to reschedule/postpone your visa appointment date at vancouver please let me know. its kinda urgent that i have to get my stamping done. my appointment date is oct30 in case if you want to swap. please mail me at mavuram.arun@gmail.com or tech me at 408 five zero six 52 four 7
  6. Hello All, i have my interview at vancouver on oct 30th but would like to reschedule to any date in sept last week or oct first week. I would really appreciate if anyone out here looking to cancel their appointment scheduled during the mentioned dates can inform me. please feel free to reach out to me anytime at **********. Thanks in advance!!
  7. vanoct30

    H1B open slots in October @ Vancouver

    @h1quest: i have sent an email to you and also to inafixkiddo. you said that oct 30 works for you but inafixkiddo replied to my email saying that you would want to get his oct 3rd date. which one do you prefer. if it is oct 30 i will take oct 3rd. please let me know.
  8. are you guys sure about waiting for loomis email? my friend also thought the same and waited a day extra. he said that we have to check on the usvisa-info website where we schedule our appointments. in my friends case he was done with this interview on friday and he waited for the email till wednesday which he did not receive but that website said that the passport was ready for pick up on tuesday morning.
  9. vanoct30

    Canada visa processing time?? Help needed

    i think you would have to wait for 20 or 30 more days to get your passport. You would get in a day or two if you apply it in person but thats not the case when you mail them. before everyone used to get it in like 2-3 weeks max when you mail them but now it is taking up to 45 days which was the case for couple of my friends recently. may be you can try emailing the ny embassy but not sure if you would get any response. good luck!
  10. vanoct30

    H1B open slots in October @ Vancouver

    Hello h1quest, i have my interview on oct 30th at vancouver. i am looking to cancel that and reschedule it if i get a date sometime in sept last week or oct 1st week. not sure if oct 30th is too late for you. i will let you know in any case if i plan to cancel mine.
  11. vanoct30

    Canada Visa - LA Consulate

    Hello Kennedy, i kinda need a small favour from you if you are planning to go to LA for canada visa. i would really appreciate if you can let me know contact number/email address or if you can drop me an email at mavuram.arun@gmail.com. hoping to hear from you. Thanks in advance.