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  1. vancoversep13

    Need suggestion on H1b Stamping

    You can go in October/November, your petition should valid for October 1, check your I797 for that date. To go to Vancouver you have to apply for Canada visitors visa. and if you wanted to go in October/November better to book your visa appointment now..
  2. vancoversep13

    Canada Fever Over? Jamaica = New Hot Spot h1b?

    i recently read a post from you (ottawa_rocks). saying that 4 of your close friends got 221g in Jamaica. i think your close friends can answer this question bitterly.
  3. guys CEAC website is also not accurate, my visa was approved, but its showing Administrative process. same case for other few people. Administrative Processing Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks, or longer. As explained on the day of your interview, if further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved when administrative processing is finished, you will receive notification to collect the passport with the visa from the Loomis branch you selected when you booked your appointment.
  4. vancoversep13

    Canada TRV procedure

    everything is online now, you have create an account and upload all required documents, they review and request you to submit passport. follow this link - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/my_application/apply_online.asp Thanks,
  5. Guys, today my visa was approved in Vancouver. this is my second extension (after 6 yrs, using my I140 first time ) and second time stamping in Vancouver. interview was only 2 min, below are Questions asked. 1. what is your current project. 2. How you have been working fro current employer. 3. How long you have been working for current client. 4. show me your LCA, this year pay stubs and old W2. that's it, he cancelled my existing valid ( valid 2 more months) visa since im getting new one. Thanks and good luck guys, if you guys need any info/help email me . mail id is in my profile.
  6. vancoversep13

    DS-160 query

    we should give employer information.
  7. vancoversep13

    MRV Fee Receipt

    not required.
  8. vancoversep13

    DS-160 Question

    1. your employment information for the last five years should be enough. ​2. latest Drivers License should be enough.
  9. vancoversep13

    CANADA Visa Stamp

    looks like nowadays there no option to choose multiple or single entry, by default we get multiple.
  10. Guys, i just got an appointment for 29th, let me know if any buddy going to Vancouver during the same time. we can get in touch. i can also give ride from Seattle. you can get my email id from my profile. Thanks,
  11. vancoversep13

    DS formm "submitted". Can I fill new?

    yes, you can fill new one and updated new DS160 number in appointment website.
  12. vancoversep13

    ds160 question

    and also you need to update new DS160 in your appointment profile.
  13. you can submit one day before interview, its better to save a copy before you submit, if needed you can always upload saved copy to new 160 and updated new DS160 number in appointment site. and Canada visa will not take that long, i have got approval letter within 24 hrs and passport within a week.
  14. I'm attending visa stamping at Vancouver on 25th April . If any female interested to share accommodation during this period , please let me know. @ **************gmail. Thank You,
  15. No yar.. She didn't ask any documents.