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  1. h1bstamping_2012

    DS-160 questions

    Just give an estimated future date
  2. h1bstamping_2012

    Got 221(G) on Vancouver.

    Can i know the reason for 221g? I hope your 221g will be cleared soon.
  3. h1bstamping_2012

    Stamping on Sept 21st in Vancouver

    Anyone planning for same date or week?
  4. I have approved I-140 with Employer A.(Advanced degree) Later i transferred my H1B to employer B who is filing GC in EB3. Now PERM is approved with Employer B and he is filing I-140. I heard that during downgrade USCIS adjudicator may not downgrade(though it is requested for downgrade to eb3), and will keep the I-140 in EB2.. Is that true???
  5. I got my I-140 approved with Employer A at my 5th year of H1B Immediately after that i transferred to Employer B at 5th year and got 3 year H1B extension..Now my Labour is pending with Employer B. Now I am in 7th year of H1B extension. Now I have an offer from a reputed company(Employe C). Will I be able to transfer my H1b from Employer B to Employer C and get 3 year H1B exnteions based on my prior approved I-140.? Can I port date from Employer A’a I-140.?
  6. h1bstamping_2012

    Sucessful Stamping in Vancouver

    Arrive by Sunday. 1 way is better. Passport delivery is tentative. I did 1 way and booked the return ticket once i got email from loomis. Pupose of visit- H1B Visa stamping at US Consulate. dedis and chinkis are immigration officers. Did you fly straight to Vancouver? or Did you fly to Seattle and took train/bus/rental-car to Vancouver? I booked directly to vancouver. If u have enough time you can try shuttle service to/from seattle. but all of us booked ticket from vancouver though price is little bit high.
  7. h1bstamping_2012

    Sucessful Stamping in Vancouver

    Questions 1)Who is ur empoyer? 2) what is his business 3) What is ur title and what do u do for ur employer? 4) End client? 5) Why per-diem? 6)do you travel to client place? 7) when you are working with same client from past 4 yrs Why there are diff addresses on W-2s. 8) Why there is deduction on paystubs 9) Show me ur bank statements 10) why there are duplicate payrolls on ur statement? - it's a mistake my payroll website. I tried to defend with my answers. But VO is not satisfied. Most of my interview questions are based on paystubs and W-2 because of perdiem.It took like 25 min. VO dicussed with her collegues and did some calculations on paystubs. I was idle for 10 min when she is working with her collegues. She left her desk twice to work on my bank statements and paystubs. I thought i would end up with 221g. But finally She approved my visa. It is really cool in Vancouver consulate. :)
  8. guys, if you are having per-diem on your paystubs make sure you are careful in answering. 1) Do you travel to Client location? For most of us in EVC - 'NO' 2) why the per-diem is on paystub? General answer is - Traveling between Employer's place and Client location. My employer pays for travel charges. If you answer YES to Questions 1 - You shouldn't give the above answer to Question 2.. :) If you answer NO to Question 1 - Employer pays for food and apartment rental expenses.
  9. All are standard questions.
  10. I am travelling to Vancouver on September 9th and I have my slot at 09:30 AM on Sep 10th. I am looking for sharing accommodation. Please contact me at Email: c h e r u k u r i a j a y @ g m a i l
  11. mine is on sep 10th. i am travelling to Vancouver on 9th. Email: c h e r u k u r i a j a y at g m a i l
  12. h1bstamping_2012

    Anybody for Vancouver on Sep 10th?

    anyone thr around sep 10th
  13. h1bstamping_2012

    Canada TRV enquiry

    may take 30+ days..
  14. h1bstamping_2012

    Canada Visitor Visa Help..!

    i guess u need to wait til h1b is approved. i suggest u to file with H1B/I-797 copy. My TRV is rejected due to my h1b/I-797 date expiring in soon.
  15. Client mentioned with H1B filing should match when you attend stamping.