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  1. kris8989

    FOIA Request without A number

    i do not know buy some of them got I 140 copy who has a A number on it. I understand I 140 is employers. but i am the beneficiary. so usually people got the whole set.
  2. kris8989

    FOIA Request without A number

    hello All, I have request mulitple FOIA Request i do not have A number on my I 140. I request for complete set of documents along with my Underlying Perm which is ETA 9098 form. All i get is some rubbish data from USCIS. Can someone here help me how to file a proper FOIA request without the A number so that i can get all the Documents long with I 140 copy. Thanks Krishna.
  3. kris8989

    h1b visa stamping - speeding ticket convicted

    hire lawyer, lawyers will fight for you. why are u posting it here. there are lots of cases like this hire a good lawyer.
  4. kris8989

    H1B Visa Stamping Matamoras Successfully Done.

    when i went i saw one person who got 221g but that is because when he was a student his opt expired and then he got cpt so that change of status is a little problem. so he got student violation. But he got approval after a week. I also have multiple layers. i am on EVVC model. But no questions asked. See you are going to visa stamping there is nothing to hide if he asks documents you show it to him otherwise not. mostly they will ask employer , client letter and also w2 forms. Good luck.
  5. Hello All, Thank you for the murthy forum for the help. I went for my visa stamping on Jan 3rd and my finger printing is done on Jan 2nd. I transferred to a new employer as i got RFE on my previous h1b extension. So i got my H1B approved but I 94 is not printed so i have to go to Stamping. I got I 797 B. On the petition it said to go to Chennai for my Stamping because of the work schedule i went to matamorus for my visa stamping. I initially had the doubt but later i found out that you can go to any Consulate for the Visa Stamping. I would like to thank Salvadaor for all the help he has provided. He picked me up in the morning due to the flight schedule. I had to stay in Brownsville for the night. He picked me in the morning. Because i did not had much time i went to my finger printing first and then Salvador took me to the Mexico Immigration to get a 7 day permit to stay in Mexico. It costs around 30$ once your visa interview is done you need to return it to the Mexico immigration office they will stamp the return date. Jan 2nd : Salvador took me to the finger printing along with the other people. Finger printing done and we returned to the hotel. Jan 3rd : Interview Questions Asked ----------------- 1. show me your 2016 W2. 2. Why is your W2 showing a different employer ( i said i changed my employer) 3. Give me your employment verification letter 4. Is your permanent residency applied ( I said Yes). Finally after tying for some time he said you can collect your passport at 3 pm in the afternoon. I collected the passport on the same day. Jan 4th : Salvador dropped me of the bridge where i walked and you need to put 1$ to get into US. The POE just took five to ten minutes. The took 6$ for my I 94 and stamped and i am in US back.
  6. kris8989

    221g Administrative Processing

    yes, you can. you can ask for your passport. they will give it back to you. once approved you will be required to drop off your passport at the consulate location. they will then print the visa page and give it back to you.
  7. kris8989

    H1 approved in Admin Processing, move to H4

    which consulate did you go for stamping. try to contact the consulate why are you changing to h4 if you have a valid h1b in your hand ?
  8. kris8989

    H1-B transfer Stamping at Hyd

    thank you. its little strange that they asked how many emploees at client location ?? any reason.
  9. did you already go for stamping. ?? can you please share your experience ??
  10. ok thank you very much. i have an question i saw it on forum i have transferred to a new employer while my current h1b extension is pending. I have got the approval on the transfer petition but it is saying Consulate : Chennai. can i go to stamping in mexico. I got my first h1b stamping in canada any information is greatly appreciated.
  11. i think we need to go use travel agent. we can be in touch.
  12. hello, i am also planning to go to visa stamp to metamorus. can you please give me the information
  13. hello shankar, do you know how to book visa in metamous. any agent information ??
  14. hello hkarq which consulate did you attend. i am in a similar situation can you please let me know. my consulate is showing as CHENNAI. Please let me know.
  15. hey rommy no need you are still in valid status. because your old petetion is still valid. I am also in a similar situtation. I applied transfer to another company and my I 94 expired. so it is showing consulate CHENNAI. i am also planning to go to mexico. i will keep you posted. lets be in touch.