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  1. I'm on H1B visa with I-140 approved with employer A. Recently in April moved to Employer B. I was left with 1 yr 4 months of H1B out of 6Yrs. When Employer B transferred my H1B based on my approved I-140 I got 3 more years of H1B (under the AC21 H-1B portability rules). My wife is currently on H1B and I would like to apply her H4 EAD. My I-140 is active and is not revoked by my previous employer (A). My new employer (B) will start my GC processing in couple of months. Now I have many questions based on my situation: 1. Is my wife eligible for H4 EAD with the approved I-140 with Previous employer (A)? 2. As my H1B extended beyond 6 yrs under AC21 act (even though I did not finish 6 yrs H1B) will my wife eligible for H4 EAD under this provision? 3. If eligible, as my wife is currently on H1B can I apply for H4 Visa(Change of Status) and H4-EAD together? 4. If in case my wife's H4 EAD application is denied/rejected will this affect her H1B status? Thanks in advance.
  2. Update Feb 25: My manager got a cal from Consulate. They didn't ask any details or docs abt my client. I'm surprised to hear that they contacted my manager. I don't know from where they got his details without me submitting any client letter. I hope they got it from USCIS (as I applied for amendment before coming to Visa). Let me know is there any such possibility to contact client without me submitting any docs related to client??
  3. Jan 9 : Interview ...got 221g. Took only resume. Jan 22: Status updated date changed still admin processing Feb 15: Status updated date changed still admin processing Feb 18: Got an email that they conclude my visa application and asked me to submit my passport. Submitted passport same day. (I thought Its a big relief..celebrated the occasion. same thing happened to my friend and he got his passport by Friday) Feb 21:Unfortunately they sent me other email saying to conclude my visa application asked me to submit 6 months Pay slips and bank statements. Submitted the same day. Very soon got other email after sometime asking me to show the pay deposit in the bank statement from the employer. Actually I have deposited the paychecks for certain period into my bank which reflects as Counter Credit on the bank statement instead of XX company Deposit. So sent an another email with al the proofs (Deposit Receipt and images of Checks deposited and Bank statements highlighting the Counter Credit.) Feb 22: Got another email asking me to submit images of the checks deposited which already sent as single pdf. I sent another email attaching the check images. Parallelly at the same time I got another email at the same time to disregard previous email they sent me and informing me that they put me back on 221g (administrative processing). Please help me out. I'm planning to drop the same documents in person on Tuesday. I think they haven't noticed my other supporting documents. Please suggest me how to deal with this situation. Anybody went thru this kind of situation? Any help or info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. rgaddam437

    30+ days in 221g Yellow @ Toronto

    I'm in the same boat. I got 221g on Jan 9th. My status updated date changed to Jan 22nd. Since then no update still waiting.
  5. rgaddam437


    Mane can me giv me ur email ID. Lets discuss. I have friend who had his interview on Dec3 and mine is Jan 9th . No updates till now.
  6. rgaddam437


    U can Contact me : ranjithreddy437atgmaildotcom
  7. Same is the case.No updates form my side Don't worry u wil get the response. Check wit ur client abt the kind of feedback they gave. Good luck. Give me ur email ID. Lets discuss we r on the same boat. Give me ur email ID. Contact me : ranjithreddy437atgmaildotcom
  8. rgaddam437


    Hi Dude, I'm also in the same boat. I got 221g on Jan 9th. My status updated date changed to Jan 22nd. From then I haven't heard anything from then. Eagerly waiting. Let me know if you get any uopdate. Please give me ur mail id or contact number we can discuss.
  9. rgaddam437

    Any One planning to Share room @ Toronto.

    Hi Srikanth, I got 221g on Jan 9th and still waiting. I'm in Scarborough which is 20 mins away from downtown. I'm sharing room with students from Hyderabad. If you want you can contact Qadir. at dba.qadir@gmail.com
  10. Wil email u.........I wil take ur email from my friend and wil be in touch.
  11. Hi guys, mine is bit different: Jan 9th: Got 221g yellow form with out any batch number. He also returned my I-797 but took my resume. Jan 22nd: Status Updated Date changed from Jan9th to Jan 22nd. Still it says Admin Processing. Feb 6th: still not heard anything fro them. Still it says admin process. Actually me and my friend got 221g at the same time same day from the same guy. Even they took my friends resume and kept his I-797 form with them. His case status updated date changed from Jan 9 th to Feb 1st. Then after two days on Jan 4th got a mail asking him to submit his passport. Not sure Y I still don't hear from them even though my status uodated date changed on Jan 22nd. Any thoughts.........
  12. rgaddam437

    Toronto Useful info with 221G's and other *debriefed

    great post...wit useful info. I see my status Updated date changed from 9th Jan to 22nd Jan with same old status msg (admin Processing). So far no updates from the consultate (email etc). Not sure wats the change of status update date mean??
  13. rgaddam437

    status updated on CEAC website but no reply

    @hyd12 I'm also in the same boat. My status updated Date has changed from Jan 9th to Jan 22nd with the same status msg as before and no email from consulate. When was ur interview? Let me know if you have any update.
  14. most probably you will receive ur passport on Monday.
  15. rgaddam437

    Appointment with expired I-797

    just you can click reschedule appointment link and follow the steps to update the petition by actually not rescheduling the existing date. Every one does it.