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  1. peace_lover

    Successful H1B Stamping on Sept 12th Vancouver

    You need to put in your employer address. Everything is based on your employer address. Good Luck if your interview is still due!
  2. peace_lover

    Successful H1B Stamping on Sept 12th Vancouver

    Yes it was the same case. Good luck with your interview if its still due!!
  3. Hi folks, I have gotten so much information from this forum and would like to share my interview experience . Model: EVC Education: USA Same client since OPT Interview time: 10:00 a.m I got there at 6:30 a.m and was the first person at the Consulate. Since they open at 7:00 a.m , I had to wait till 6:45 a.m. I took my documents and left everything in the car including cell phone. By the time I got back there was a chinese family for visitor visa( I guess ) in front of me. The security people will ask you what contents you have with you. Then a lady will pull out the list for the day and cross off your name. Since I was so early than my scheduled time she did remind me about that. They don't care if you are early as long as the queue is not too long. She will verify the following things: 1. Passport 2. DS-160 form 3. 1 Passport Picture(Since my DS-160 form picture had a darker background) 4. I-797 form. Next thing you follow the security guard to the third floor. Go through the security check point. As soon as you pass through that remember to go to counter no 1 and submit the following 1. Passport 2. DS-160 form 3. 1 Passport Picture(Since my DS-160 form picture had a darker background) 4. I-797 form. They will take that and give you the token number.(Mine was no.2) Once they are done entering your information you will be directed to follow the security person to the 20th floor. They will call your token number and get your fingerprints.(10 prints) Then you'll be asked to wait till the visa officer calls you. Here's the interview part: The chinese family ahead of me were called to counter 4(Lady Visa officer). There interview lasted for about 5 minutes and were granted the visa. Nex was me: VO: Hello! Me: Good Morning! VO: Where's your client location? Me: Mentioned the location VO: Since how long have you been on H1? Me: XXXX VO: What was your major? Me: XXX Engineering VO: Let me see your I-129 Me: Gave it to her. VO: Let me see your LCA Me: Gave it to her. VO: Let me see your Paystub Me: Gave her two recent paystubs. VO: After looking at them ..just two Me:Gave her 5 more paystubs. VO: Your W2 Me: Gave her 2011 W2. After typing few things on her computer (about 1 minute later) VO: Your visa is approved. You will get your passport withing 3-5 business days.Handed me as piece of paper that has details to pick up the passport. She held on my I-797 and passport. Me: Thanks and Have a great day. Today is September 14th and so far no update on the CSC Visa information website. Hope this helps peopel like me out there. Good luck to all of you. Tip: Be confident when you answer. Will update the forum once I get the passport. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have an interview scheduled for H1B visa stamping on sep the 13th, thursday in Vancouver. Please contact me if you are looking for a shared accomodation. My email address is pradhank101@gmail.com. Thank you
  5. Hi Blue_Cap, Did you apply for your TRV yet or are you still planning to do so? Please let me know as I am going to LA for the same reason on August 20th. Thanks
  6. peace_lover

    H1b Amendment Premium processing time.

    Hi tejra567, How long did it take for you H1B amendment? Did you also go for H1B stamping after that? Please share your experience. Thanks
  7. raaj786, I am planning to go for stamping to Ottawa. My H1B was with client A but by the time H1B started I started working for client B same state but different city. It's already been nine months. I have the new LCA but my employer has not filed for my new H1B amendment. Please advice as you have been through this. Model- EVC I have the client letter and the vendor letter.I have to go for stamping in september and wanted advice from you guys. Thanks
  8. peace_lover

    h1b amendment: Denial ?

    Hi , @sauravbengani How did you stamping go? Did you have to file for H1B Amendment? I am on the same boat as you. H1B Application Date: 25-April-2012 -> Client A H1B Approval Date: 25-May-2012--> Client A H1B Start Date --> 01-Oct-2011 Changed to Client B on 12-Sep-2012 New LCA was filed New amendment was never filed. Planning to go for stamping with the new client letter,new LCA and new vendor letter. Only have 3 months left with this client so not sure if my employer will file for amendment? Request anyone on the forum to provide their valuable advice. Thanks