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  1. Hi, I have my wife H4 visa stamping in Hyd. One of the supporting document is Employment Verification letter from my Employer. Can this letter be copy or do i need to provide original. My Employer sent me the soft copy and said it should be fine Any one who has recently went for H4 stamping please share your experience on this
  2. Hi, Recently i got my H1B visa stamped in Canada( I left my family in US and went Canada for H1 B stamping) I am planning to visit india along with my wife and kids next month November and i am planning for H4 stamping for them in india. I have below 2 questions 1) As we need to take 2 appointments one for OFC and another for main Visa interview, can we select 2 different location ? example can i select OFC location as Hyderabad and main visa interview location as Chennai? 2) My daughter is 8 yrs old and she need to attend the H4 along with my wife. i read some where that for a child who is between 8 to 14 yrs old both parents should attend the interview. Do i also required to attend the interview ? (Remember i already have my visa stamped)
  3. Hi All, Atlast time has come for me to post my experience for H1B visa stamping at Vancouver. I am really thankful to this forum (following this forum since 3 months) as it helped me in preparing the interview and also helped me in getting some friends to share hotels and other expenses Below are the details Interview Date and Time : Friday, 28th Sep 2012 at Vancouver 1) Reached Vancouver on Thursday, 27Sep 2012 and stayed with 3 other friends (through this same forum ) at Empire landmark which is 1 km away from US Consulate 2) Got ready and reached US consulate on friday, 28th Sep 2012 at 8:30 pm (I had 10 am appointment but he allowed me) 3) after intitial security check , i was taken to 1st floor for submitting the Passport, H1 797 and passport size photo (they will give me one token number) 4) after wait for 10 mins i was taken to 20th floor 5) As soon as you enter 20th floor , go directly and stand infront of counter 3 for your 10 fingers print 6) After my 10 fingers print was done waitied for 20 mins and my number was called by counter 6 7) Below are the question asked by VO ME: Good morning VO : Good Morning VO: Who is your employer and what do you do? ME : Answered my emplyer name and told my job Title VO: How long are you working for this employer ? ME: answered VO: Do you have client and if yes, who is your client and what does they do ? ME: answered VO: Do you have client letter ME: Yes, i have a client email letter as my client company policy doesnt allow them to give client letter to contractors (VO was checking the Email print letter and was typing something in the copmuter) (REMEMBER I AM ON EVC Model but he didnt ask anything about my prime vendor) VO: How much is your salary ? ME: Answered with salalry Per annum VO: show me your pay stubs? ME: gave him last 5 months pay stubs of my current employer (I joined my new employer 5 months ago) VO: Why did you change so many employers ME: I was working with the same client and employer for a while and want to explore new domain and new challenging roles (I am on H1 since 2005 and changed 3 employers since these 7 years, was working for 3 yrs for my last employer. I joined my current employer 5 months ago) This was the only question which felt was tough but i prepared for it and answered accordingly Finally the golden words came, your visa is approved. AS my interview was on friday, we had weekend so explored Vancouver (Stanley park) and North Vancouver (Horse shoe bay and Whister city (Olympic village)). Vancouver is full of islands and hills and its a very scenic place so dont forget to explore because u might not get chance again to come back to Vancouver for visiting. Also i and my roomates didnt get camera.So dont forget to take your camera. You will love the place I got E mail on Monday evening from Loomis that my PAssport has been picked up. As soon as i read the Email , i booked the return tickets to US I went tuesday morning to collect my passport and flied back to US on Tuesday afternoon from Vancouver all my other 3 friends where EVC model and all of them where approved with almost same type of questions Below are my analysis 1) All this visa interview is to check your Employer history. They already have full details about your employer. 2) Interview is very cool , for most of the people they are not taking more than 5 mins and again it depends case to case, if your employer is not having good track record then you might be asked with more questions 3)If you are in EVC or EVVC model always better to have client letter or client Email saying that they cannot provide letter according to the company policies 4) Take all required and non required document (i took around 500 pages worth documents), you might neverknow what might they ask you 5) Take atleast 2 passport size photographs with you If you have any question, i can be reached at arkumaar at gmail dot com All the best to all my friends who are going for H1B stamping and very special thanks to Murthy forum. This has be a wonderful 3 months journey
  4. Appuser321

    Need accomodation in Vancouver

    @ reddy.fsc I and one of my friend have interview on Friday, Sep28 at Vancouver and we will be there on Sep27 afternoon.. Which hotel is this?
  5. Congrats Dude , this was very Helpful. Which hotel did you stay ? I have appointment on Sep 28
  6. Appuser321

    My TRV got Refused

    It happened to me also. First time i got rejected at NY Consulate. for me they asked me my old H1B 797 documents also. So please submit all you old H1B 797 documents and your all W2 documents etc After submitting again with my old 797 documents my TRV was approved
  7. Congrats dude. Did they ask you the client letter?
  8. Hi, I have appointment at Vancouver on Sep 28th at 10 am. One of my friend has appointment at 9:30 am on same day. We are 2 and we are looking for 2 more people to book hotel/motel. Let me know if any one have appointment at Vancouver on Sep27 or sep 28 I can be reached at arkumaar at gmail Thanks, Arun
  9. Appuser321

    Anyone going to Vancouver on sep 28th for stamping

    i have appointment on Sep28, mail me at arkumaar at gmail. We are already 2 people and looking for 2 more people for hotel accomodation
  10. Congrats dude . I have appointment on Friday, 28th Sep2012. Can you let me know in which motel did you stay ? Can you send me a test mail to arkumaar at gmail. I have couple of more quesitons to ask for
  11. Appuser321

    Successful H1B Stamping on Sept 12th Vancouver

    Congrats dude!!. Which hotel are you staying. I have appointment in Vancouver on Sep28, can you please suggest me some good hotels as i need to work remotely during my stay in Canada
  12. Any one has appointment on Friday, Sep 28 at vancouver ? or appointment in the last week or sep or 1st week of oct ? I am looking for sharing hotel accomodation. I will be in Vancouver on thursday, Sep 27 evening. You can reach me at arkumaar at gmail.com
  13. Hi Bhavan, which hotel/motel did u stay there ? I have some queries can you send me a test mail to arkumaar at gmail dot com
  14. I have mine on Friday, 28th Sep 2012.