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  1. I got the email from Loomis (laser.report@loomis-express.com) yesterday at 8:58 PM. I called Loomis today morning and picked my passport from Brampton branch. I wish you and torontodarling clear your PIMS issues and get your passports soon. Good luck!
  2. Reference ID returns "No record found for this reference number". I called DHL and they say only waybill number can be used to track. There is a number (647.955.3736) at http://toronto.usconsulate.gov/contact.html which has an option to track the passport but it kept recording my date of birth as DD/MM/YYYY although I enter MM/DD/YYYY and it has other issues. ceac.state.gov is not working since last week. Please let me know if there is anything else I can try?
  3. Could you please tell me what time you finished your interview on Monday July 30th. I finished mine on monday July 30th at 12:40. I havent recieved the email from Loomis yet nor my personal profile shows the waybill number. I hope to see an email from them tomorrow.
  4. For booking hotels in Toronto area check in travelocity or expedia. I extended my stay here 3 times in the last 10 days and have paid an average of $62/night mostly near Toronto Airport west. 3 star hotels with wify and gym.
  5. I finished my interview on Monday July 30th and the VO said my visa is approved and that I should watch for an email from Loomis mostly by friday. I have'nt recieved the email from Loomis yet nor I see my waybill number at http://usvisa-info.com. Are there any other ways to track the passport? I hope I am not missing anything here.