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  1. Nope, haven't got any email from Loomis yet, but got my passport and I-797 ( in hand) I decided to go to consulate on Thursday since i haven't heard from them since July 30th ( I had been to consulate once before - august 2nd) , asked the guy at the counter about the status, he said my petition is still being verified at Washington DC office and is pending from verification. ( same old words - urgh!) I kept on asking him all kind of questions i could think of, hoping to hear back an "answer" from him, not just - "sorry we don't know" !!! At last he telephoned and spoke to the counselor ( the one who interviewed me ) and asked her what's the status. After prolong wait, i started back home ( to my cousins place) While on my way back home i received the following email from consulate. Dear Ms. XXX, Your case has been approved by the Consular Officer today. Normal visa processing takes 2 – 3 business days, however given your situation we are going to try and have it ready for tomorrow (Friday August 10, 2012), however we cannot guarantee it. You may come back and check at 2:15pm tomorrow – your pick-up ticket number is XXXXX. There is no need to wait for DHL/Loomis delivery. If it is not ready tomorrow, it will be on Monday August 13 at 2:15pm Regards, Vancouver NIV Key things that helped in my process : 1) I had emailed consulate 2 times in 2 weeks span, and received reply both the times. So always keep in touch with the consulate, clearly explain them your situation and ask for reason behind the delay. 2) If you are in Vancouver and waiting for either PIMS verification or admin processing and haven't heard from consulate, i would strongly recommend emailing consulate at vancouverniv@state.gov first, if you don't hear from them with in 2 days, please go the consulate and talk to someone at the counter. Explain them your sutiation clearly, these guys are really helpful. So finally picked up my passport and I-797 from Vancouver consulate on Friday, August 10th 2012 at 2:20 PM :)
  2. Yes, she ( the counselor) clearly mentioned that my Visa has been approved, took my passport and I -797 and said it might take a day or two more to get my passport. May be i'll try emailing them again today and see how it goes. Btw, did you fly back to US ?
  3. Never had any issues with Visa before. Both F1 and First H1B stamped at Hyderabad with no issues. I can't think of any reason why my visa is being delayed. I am FTE with proper paper work. Interview was pretty straight forward : 1) which company ? 2) how long have you been working ? 3) so are you in canada just for visa ? I have cousins in Canada, so told her both for visa and to visit family. I have been checking loomis website, cea ( which has been down for couple of days now) and usvisa-info.com all day along, no luck ! I was interviewed at Vancouver and selected Richmond Lommis branch. This whole PIMS issue is such mystery, hope i hear from consulate this week.
  4. Did you try emailing the consulate ? They replied to my email after 3 days, quoting my case is still pending verification from PIMS. Hoping to receive an email from Loomis soon. My interview was on July 30th 9:30 AM at Vancouver consulate.
  5. Thanks for the details. Did you get an email from LOOMIS yet ?
  6. Hi torontodarling, Thanks for all the information. What was your status on ceac.state.gov website before your visa was issued ? Did it say it was "in process" ? Or did it say "Refused" ? Thanks !