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  1. h1b@h1b

    Passport Submittion - After 221 g

    its a positive response...dont worry....
  2. h1b@h1b

    succssful H1B visa stamp in Toronto on August 27

    Thanks for the reply. Please update once you get your passport
  3. h1b@h1b

    succssful H1B visa stamp in Toronto on August 27

    Congrats ....did you got your passport back??
  4. I dont know if its there on uscis website but if you goolge list of documents required for stamping youll find few where they have mention everything..you can show that..atleast try.good luck
  5. h1b@h1b

    Successful stamping at Ottawa Aug 13th EVC

    no conversion needed just 150USD.
  6. h1b@h1b

    Canada visitor visa application question

    thank you guys...but still pls post if you know anything about fedex option...
  7. hi RAO1 I am also on opt with cap gap extension and my h1b starts from 1st oct...i am planning for stamping too...acc to my knowledge its fine as long as employer ur working on opt n h1b is same...mine is same so i can show my paystubs...acc to me they dont see if you have paystub on h1b or not coz ppl travel acc to their needs......make sure u have all required docs like letter , h1b related docs..pay stub should NOT BE AN ISSUE
  8. h1b@h1b

    Regarding Canada Visiting Visa

    usually by mail it takes 30 days..so you shoulg expect it soon but still call and ask aboit your status
  9. h1b@h1b

    Canada Visitor Visa

    http://www.******************** check this link ..you will know how to do it... you have to fill out form on computer in order to generate barcode....so see the video... also...you have to submit in person to ny consulate or by mail... remember not all consulate accept in person...and if you choose mail..it will atleast take 30 days hope this helps good luck
  10. h1b@h1b

    Successful stamping at Ottawa Aug 13th EVC

    hey Aravind, thanks for sharing your experience. Congratulation on your successful stamping...please update when you get your passport
  11. yes if you have pay stubs from your company, it doesnt matter if u dont have any on h1b...I am also working on opt with mycurrent employer and going for stamping during last wk of sept.. hope this helps good luck
  12. hello guys, I have few question regarding canada visitor application, i would really appreciate if you can help me. 1) my opt expired in july 2012 and my h1b starts from 1st oct 2012, i have applied for cap-gap extension. so my question is what should i write my status in form imm5257? is it F1 or H1 2) fund in canadian currency, how much fund we are supposed to write in the form? 3) my purpouse of visit is to visit my uncle & aunt plus for h1b stamping so what should i write for pupouse of visit in form? 4) can I personally submit my application at NY consulate with fedex prepaid envelope as I cannot go to pick up neither any of my friends? Thank you guys in advance, I really appreciate your response.
  13. h1b@h1b

    ***Passport pick up wait time in Toronto.

    from the forum i have been reading ...it seems like 4 days atleast....:-(
  14. Congratulation....thanks for sharing ur experience...
  15. h1b@h1b

    H1b Stamping in Canada?

    acc to my knowledge you both can go, since ur wife has previous stamping in india plus she has experience here...and u have masters in usa so i think it should be fine...