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    Experience OTJ

    I have a total of 5 years of experience. (2.5 years with my previous employer and 2.5 years with my current employer). Both the jobs have been similar but with some increased responsibilities performed due to experience. Will I be able to use my current on the job experience towards the PERM filed by my current employer for my current role? OR , will I be able to only use the experience gained with my prior employer?
  2. I am working as a Physician Assistant (specialized in Orthopedics) from an accredited university in US and have worked in an under served area in the US for over 5 years. I have my professional certifications as well. Apart from this I have an MD degree from India. Would I qualify for the NIW? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much! This realy helped! What if he may fall under the EB-1 and I fall under the EB -2 category? From my undertsanding, on your reply earlier, this would be decided in the second stage after the I-140 is approved.... Is that correct? So whose ever date is more current, the spouse also obtains the GC at the earlier time? Also, what are the benefits for filing together/seperately? What are the disadvantages for filing together./ seperately?
  4. I am currently working in a company ...just got my first H1B filed and approved in November 2011 valid until Nov 2013. I am engaged to be married in about a year from now. My fiance is still studying on an F-1 visa. I was wondering, when would be the best time to file my GC. I had a few questions: Should I file it now or after we are married? Can I add him later to my application, if I file now itself, with no problems to save us time? Or is it advisable to wait and file after a year along with him. Also, when will be my priority date for a GC? Is that something linked to the LCA of the H1 application, or is that a diferet date altogether? Finally what are the important factors I need to keep in mind for this GC process (category, etc.) Please advice the best way I could do this with maximum efficiency and least time wasted for both of us. Thank you so much!