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  1. In mumbai, I was told US drivers license would work as well.
  2. sidbalboa

    Dropbox Timelines

    just turned to issued today...so about a week.
  3. sidbalboa

    Dropbox Timelines

    Submitted my documents this past Tuesday for the 2nd renewal @ Mumbai 2/19: Docs submitted 2/20 - 2/22 : Application Received [Case updated 2/21] [VFS status - Passport still with embassy] This status is not something I have seen before so have been wondering on the timelines. Im guessing next step would be AP before either a decision or a call for interview/documents
  4. You would have to exit and re enter for the new i94 validity till 4/20
  5. Hi, My current H1b expires September 18th 2015 [this is the date on the i94]. After an extension is applied for, I believe the new H1b would come with a start date of october 1st. I am not sure what the status would be for the 2 weeks in between? Would the extension, if approved, come in with a start date in September? If October, what would be the status for those 2 weeks? Thanks
  6. sidbalboa

    Canada Stamping?

    Hello, I am just wondering if it is recommended to have the H1B stamped for the first time from Canada instead of the home country[india] or is it recommended to go back home for it. Thanks sid