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  1. You shoouldn't have any issues..
  2. hyperdude

    Canada New Applicant form www.ais.usvisa-info.com

    You would be selecting 'No' as you never had H1 visa stamping before
  3. I have scheduled my Visa Stamping for 05-15-2015 at the US Consulate, Ottawa and would like to share accommodation who are travelling around the same time. I have updated my email in my profile
  4. Do NOT Worry. This is called the PIMS verification. USCIS (Department of Homeland Security) which issues our petitions will have to send over the information to a database in Kentucky Consular Center. This is used by Consular officers (Department of State) to rapidly verify the document we give. Status will change in a day or two. For more info: http://www.dhs.gov/recommendations-improve-petitioner-information-management-service-pims
  5. You need the approved petition from Employer B. Once you arrive show the Visa with employer A info and approved copy with Employer B
  6. Can anyone please let me know the status of appointments available in Ottawa/Montreal.. Thanks in Advance...
  7. hyperdude

    Canada Visa Appointments Availability

    Thanks.. I I am not a canadian resident. But thanks for your response. I was able to book my interview date for 15th of May.
  8. hyperdude

    Interview location Change within Canada

    You cannot do that with the same DS 160. You will have to submit another DS 160 to the consulate of your choosing and book your date. My friend initially submitted his DS 160 to Vancouver and then submitted to Ottawa..
  9. hyperdude

    Query regarding LCA & Payroll

    I merely stated that he is a desi to let know that they are well versed with the situation H1 visa and State Tax Reciprocity. You still haven't responded to my question and accusing me of Racist which I am not. Please stay away if you don't know the answer.
  10. hyperdude

    Query regarding LCA & Payroll

    Hello All, I work in a EVC model. My Client location is in DC and I live in Virginia. As of now, my employer generates a paycheck with my home address and pays state tax to DC. During the tax season, I file for DC taxes and get the full refund. Then I pay Virginia taxes. Is this how it is supposed to work? I was told by my CPA (Desi) that I should be able to ask my employer to run the payroll on my address itself and pay state tax to Virginia. I know few other who does the exact same as the CPA told. I reached out to my employer and requested the same, however they are saying that Payroll should be run based on the address in LCA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I left States on the 22nd. Reached Ottawa in the evening at 5:30. Took a Cab to Daysinn in the downtown. I heard that you can take a bus as well. It is almost similar to the Cab Ride how ever 30$ cheaper. I had my appointment for the Monday morning at 10:00. So, to know where the US Embassy is, we walked in the evening and it is about 1 km and 15 min walk form Daysinn. It made easier for me in the morning to go directly without wasting any time. Also don't take any backpacks with you as they are not allowed in the embassy. I went in and had the security check done and walked in. There was a lady who was making sure that we had the passport, I 797, DS 160 and Photo. After that I was instructed to go to Window number 7. I submitted the above said and i was given a number and a laminated paper of oath. After 15 mins or so, I was called by a woman in window 4. She took the laminated paper and asked for fingerprints. Right four fingers, Left four fingers, Right thumb and Left thumb. I sat for another 10 - 15 min before I was called in for the actual interview at window 1. VO: How are you doing? ME: I am good officer. How are you doing? VO: I am doing good. Thanks for asking. VO: So what do you do Sir. ME: I work as a programmer analyst for xxxx VO: How long have you been working for them. ME: For the past one and half year or so. Initially ?I was hired as an intern, they offered me a full time role later. VO: PIMS has not been updated yet. You should hear back from us soon. ME: Is it just the PIMS? VO: Your Visa looks good. It is just the PIMS. He gave me back nothing. He had the passport and I797 with him. I was mostly sure that it was approved at that time, but still had some concerns. I called up my employer and told her that there was this PIMS verification, she tried to call USCIS and had the visa updated to KCC database. But was struck down by USCIS that this has to be initiated by KCC and not by the employer. It was wednesday and I did not hear anything regarding PIMS. So, my employer followed up with KCC and this time they said that all information is now in the database. It is now in the hands of the VO to update and finish the approval process. No update for the whole day on Wednesday. I was checking the status on https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx whole day and it updated around 3:50 PM, Thursday that my visa was issued. I was checking my gmail for email from Loomis after the approval, I received it around 4:30 PM on Friday. Email read like this. "Dear XXXX XXXX XXXX, Your passport has been picked up from the Consular Section and within the next few days you will be able to pick it up at: LOOMIS Ottawa HOLD FOR PICKUP 46 AURIGA DRIVE NEPEAN, ON K2E7Y3 Your Waybill Number is XXXXXXX. Please click the link below to track your passport until it is ready for pickup:" As the LOOMIS location is Ottawa, I had a hunch that the passport will be available the same evening. I had to rush there by talking a cab as it closes before 6:00. I picked up the passport and booked the ticket back to states for Saturday using flyporter.com It costed me ~150 $. Came back to US around 12:30 PM Saturday. I was not asked for any other letters or supporting docs. Maybe it is pure luck, however please prepare yourselves for all the docs you need. Total trip is for 6 days. Hope this helps
  12. hyperdude

    DS-160 Application Form Lost

    You can find it in your visa appointment website. If you have booked in Canada, then http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome, login and edit the details.
  13. Yes. You can go. you will have to have the new petition information filled in the DS 160 and let the officer know of the issue.
  14. Hey.. I went to visa yesterday and got PIMS verification. I am also looking to share a room. Let me know. Contact me at mullaguri.k@gmail.com