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  1. Should be ok as long as you complete all details within your application.
  2. Make sure you carry both passports for them and should be ok.
  3. lovely

    Visa interview appointment slot

    You need to schedule different appointments for each H1B applicant as well as visa/application fees. You can try to accommodate the time by selecting interviews around same time, ex: 10:30 & 11:00 respectively.
  4. Hey Rohit, Could you please shed some light on city, people, safety, crime etc, were you comfortable going around? would you recommend to anyone traveling with kids/infants? How long is your Mexican visa valid for? Thanks, Lovely
  5. USCIS does suggest/recommend not to travel while your petition/extension is in process, however, you travelled and surprisingly re-entered without any issue at POE, its better you discuss this issue with your company attorney.
  6. Its better to renew your passport & then schedule another appointment with new passport #, in which case you will have to cancel existing appointment, you can still go with existing passport and visa officer might suggest you to renew your passport and setup another appointment which is not a smart move.
  7. lovely

    Booked VISA appoinment with old petition #

    Call consulate and explain your situation, they can update your application after you submitted.
  8. You probably have to schedule in-person interview based on your online status from uscis, you may or may not receive another communication from consulate.
  9. lovely

    DS160 - H4 with both SSN & ITIN

    Use SSN
  10. Its dependent on visa appointment availability at Frankfort & importantly you need to have Shengen Visa for your travel, given the time it doesn't seem feasible, if by any chance you get Shengen visa in a day or 2 you can travel to conference & attend visa at any other Shengen state doesn't necessarily have to be Germany only & also think of travelling to home country if you don't have any appointments available in EU.
  11. This one is a little tricky but historically few forum readers have stated as "NO" since it is true on the day of your interview and the date you completed the application is no longer taken into consideration. But you might want to double check with your attorney/employer as they might have dealt with this scenario.
  12. lovely

    H1B extn, H4 extn and H4 EAD Processing time

    Can you please describe your employment type? Direct Hire/Full Time EC EVC EVVC Has your client provided letter for your extension? If anything other than Full time, did you have letters for all layers? Did you submit your purchase order?
  13. lovely

    First h1b stamping in Canada

  14. lovely

    B2 Visa for Wife as I am on H1B

    Its recommended to wait until you get your extension and apply for H4, B2 is a 50% chance as the application does have questions on who is paying for your trip, do you have any immediate family in US etc.
  15. 1. It could take b/w 45-90 days depending on load of your application location. 2. Yes, they can provided you received the acknowledgement that they have your documents, at that time your application is pending with USCIS. Worst case scenario if their extension is not approved they would have to leave within ~30days from date of notice received, it doesn't happen often but every case is different.