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  1. Hi I have Indian passport with German work permit and I am employed by a Germany subsidiary of US company X. What are the option available for me to travel to companies Head quarter in US and work from there for month or two. 1- I have B1/B2 Visa, Can I travel on this visa and work from Head quarter in US for month or two. 2- Is there any other visa type(Other than H1) that I can apply which can allow me to travel to US and work for month. Thanks
  2. Hi I am on L1B working for company A and company B is ready for apply H1B via preimum processing. My wife is also working for different employer on EAD. Q1 - Can i work for company B immedatley after H1B is approved(not samped) or i need to wait for H1B stamping on my passport. Q2- Can my wife still work on EAD if my status is changed to H1B. If not then what is the best way to go futher with my H1B stamping. Q3 - Can we both apply together for the H1B via premium processing. Q4 - Is premiumn processing is indenpended to anual quota of H1B petition Thanks