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  1. Please post the availability of h1b visa dates in Hyderabad or Chennai. Thanks!
  2. Hi friends, Already submitted DS-160 form and scheduled appointment with Toronto, Canada. Is it possible to change from Canada to India consulate ? Loosing the $190 fee is ok. Please suggest. Thanks
  3. h1baspirant123

    H1B Stamping Approved in Toronto but waiting for PIMS

    Hi Toronto Darling, Congratulations on your visa. I am attending the F-1 to H1B interview on August 13th in Toronto, I am FTE. can you please share the accomodation (best hotel near by consualte) and other details related to travel ? Any specific documents they are looking for specific to Toronto Consulate ? Thanks
  4. h1baspirant123

    Going to H1-B stamping after 1 month of joining in Full time

    My email id is expgrad@gmail.com
  5. Hi Friends, I have moved to Full time from contracting in July and going to stamping on August 13th in Canada. Will there be any issues if somebody attends the H1B stamping after a month of joining the company. If anybody knows any case please suggest. Thanks!
  6. h1baspirant123

    Got 221G white form today

    which consulate ?
  7. Hi, I am travelling from NJ to Toronto, to attend stamping on Aug 13th, If somebody is interested in sharing the travel and accommodation Please email to mossccm1@gmail.com. Thanks
  8. h1baspirant123

    Available Dates in Calgary

    In Calgary the earliest date is at September 11th. I booked a date in Toronto for Aug 13th, but I am not sure i will get canada visa or not.. I am just thinking of other options, Is Calgary good for F1 to H1B stamping. ? Post if you have any information. Thanks
  9. what are the latest dates available in Toronto ?
  10. Hi Guys, Once we book an H1B Visa appointment with any consulate in Canada, can we change that again to Indian consulate. Is it possible ? As we need to pay $150 during DS-160 filling for canada consulate, will we loose them if we change to Indian consulate. Please advise. Thanks !
  11. h1baspirant123

    221 g Yellow slip only LCA required

    can you please the location where you have attended the interview Thanks!
  12. h1baspirant123

    H1B available dates in Vancouver

    Please post the H1B availabe dates in Vancouver. Thanks
  13. h1baspirant123

    H1b - Available dates in Vancouver

    Hello, Need to go to H1B stamping before end of August or by End of September 1st week. Please reply the latest available dates in Vancouver. Thanks, Krishna