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  1. Shruti, I am full time employee with startup. I went for stamping on March 7th and i got 221g. Even if you have all documents there are high chances of getting 221g. If you decide to come then be prepared to stay here for at least 3-4 months. This is just my observation.
  2. mihir015

    Visa approved and then 221g assigned

    is this your first H1B ? FTE or EVC modal ?
  3. mihir015

    Missing middle name on I797

    Thank you guys
  4. Hello , I am planning for my visa stamping i am missing middle name on my I-797A Example : On Passport First name : AAA BBB Last name : CCC ------------------------------------ On I797 First name : AAA Last name : CCC Is that a concern for stamping ? Do i need to file amendment or i can stamp with this existing document ?
  5. mihir015

    H1-B Transfer. No response over 5 months

    Thank @jairichi but can i stay in this country or i have to leave this country as well ?
  6. Hello, My new employer applied for H1B transfer (Regular Processing) on May 15th 2015. Its been little over 5 months and i haven't heard back from USCIS yet. In this case, what happens if i cross 240 days mark ? Can i continue my work ? Can i stay in this country ? Also is it advisable to upgrade to premium processing at this time ? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  7. Hello gurus, Here is my situation. Came to US in Feb 2013 with valid H1B. Expiration date on I-94 is 31st Aug 2015. In Dec 2013 i transferred my H1B to new employer and got I-797A with I-94 attached. Expiration date on new I-94 is Aug 2016. Question 1. Do i need to let CBP know about my new I-94 End date ? 2. Do i need to travel outside US to correct this date ? if Yes then do i need to do it before 31st Aug 2015 ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. mihir015

    H1B Amendment

    This might Help http://www.*****************.html
  9. mihir015

    H1B Amendment

    As far as i know you don't need H1-B Amendment you just need new LCA.
  10. mihir015

    Canada's visitor visa

    It depends. If you have applied for visa in Person then they should have told you when you can pick up your passport. Usually it takes 2 days. But if you have applied via mail then its a different story. I am not sure how much time it takes via mail If you are collecting in person then you just have to go there with the token number (same token number used while applying for visa) and collect your passport with all documents.
  11. mihir015

    Jan 22 Calgary

    Hi, Ping me at mihir015@gmail.com
  12. mihir015

    Jan 22 Calgary

    Guys, Please let me know if anyone is planning to go for H1B stamping at Calgary on 22th Jan 2013. We can share accommodation Thanks
  13. mihir015

    Successful stamping Calgary Dec 11th

    Hi, congrts. Will you please update when you get your passport ? Also can you tell me which hotel you guys are staying in ?
  14. No you dont need Travel Itinerary. You just have to mention Tentative dates on form