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  1. Neo-Morpheus

    H4 EAD to J1

    Hi,Situation : My wife is an international medical graduate currently on EAD ( H4 EAD specifically) for couple of years now, didn't make use of the EAD as of now though. She is planning to join a fellowship program which sponsors J1VISA.Her current EAD ends in August, 2018 and we are trying to get an extension after that. But with the current government I am not sure how long it may take and her programme starts in JULY, 2018. Please let me know will there be any issues in approving J1, when moving from EAD to J1 and in future moving back to EAD is that an option ? (without going back to home country for 2-years rule)Thanks.Note : Continuing in EAD is a better thing to do, but wanted to know the options here.
  2. Neo-Morpheus

    H4 EAD to J1

    Thanks pontevecchio for the reply. Conrad 30 seems to be cumbersome process ! but at least there is an option for desperate situations.
  3. Hi All, I have been going through the forums for sometime and I must thank all the responsders for there valuable inputs. I have few questions, VISA status : H1-B In US : 2 years 1. I am currently working in EVC mode and want to go for stamping in Chennai,INDIA (in september ) and client doesn't provide client letter but they support for any queries etc.How risky is it ? 2. Want to know how good is it if I move to the primary vendor(EC model) and then go for stamping immediatly ,does the time-factor with the current employer matter for stamping ? 3. Want are chances for EC model (is it better than EVC model,hypothetical question) I am just avoiding one layer before stamping,same client and same primary vendor.Only my new employer will be the primary vendor. Plesae inform if additional details are needed. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Neo-Morpheus

    Switch from EVC to EC before H1B Stamping

    Thanks suman!! That is what I am contemplating based on all the inputs. 1. Just wanted to know If we can attend the VISA interview immedatly after the H1B transfer,are the paystubs from the current employer mandatory? 2. Can I attend the VISA interview for H1B( this is my 1st H1B), outside my home country like mexico/canada? a. I don't have any masters from US. b. Previously I was on L1B Visa. Thanks in advance!!