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  1. Karna11

    Switching H-1B Appointment date

    my appointment is nov , please reply me back at nag.raju.net@gmail.com
  2. Karna11

    Want to Cancel Visa Interview

    sure u 'll get refund to u r A/c with cancellation no, i have appointment nov 20 at calgary, if u cancel u r date, plzz let me know, i 'll take u r date. my Id: nag.raju.net at gmail.com
  3. i also look for same thing , please let me know if any body have nag.raju.net@gmail.com
  4. Karna11

    PIMS issue on oct 1st 2012

    congrates dude, share u r visa interview experience
  5. @aa5 please share here if u have any updates from u r interview
  6. do u know u r PIMS or updated or not?
  7. Karna11

    221-g white issued

    i think u r client 'll get mail with questioner regarding employee- employer relation, or u r documents still need verification(admine process) which consulate?
  8. Thanks for u r valuable info
  9. i don't have appointment in end of oct month, i have nov 20th in calgary, if u cancel that appointment can u please let me know ASAP here my email id:nag.raju.net@gmail.com
  10. in Detroit no more walk ins, only NY and LA available walk in's. if you go walk in's NY and LA it takes 2 business days, u can't pick up u r PP same day, and Wednesday no PP pick up in NY, 2. through walk in if u give the express mail packet with u r doc's , they 'll send u r PP to u r Home address in 2 days. 3. in detroit no more walk in's, if u send the doc's through express mail it 'll take 1 week. (i followed this one)
  11. i hope client gave proper answers, u 'll get good news dude, please keep share u r experience here
  12. Karna11

    PIMS issue on oct 1st 2012

    so after update PIMs u need go interview again or not? u r visa is approved or admin process?
  13. Karna11

    Can i go toronto for H1B visa Stamping.

    mine also in same boat, i have filled the ds 160 form for ottawa but not submitted, and booked the ottawa date but now i change the location to calagary, can i use same ds160 form or i need to fill and submit new ds 160 form with new center
  14. Hi friendz, 1st i made the schedule at Ottawa For H1B stamping with DS 160 form ID, after few days i rescheduled the date and change the center also , but now how can change the new DS 160 form ? if i start the new DS 160 form with new center after getteing Application ID, how can i update the new iD at visa appointment site.? after creating the new DS 160 form with new center , what bout the OLD one? please give me u r valuable reply ASAP. Thanks in Advance
  15. vancouver most avalible date is feb 1st 2013 and calgary is nov 27th 2012
  16. Karna11

    H1B - Success ..Finally

    congrates dude? did u file new H1b from INd? if yes can u give me u r employer details
  17. u can reschedule w/O cancel u r old appointment, just change u r consulate and loomies center, then u update the new DS160 form Id at u r A/C
  18. Karna11

    221g white slip @ottawa -oct 2nd

    i think all answers are fine for u r H1b Approved as per previous Blogs, i hope 99% u be in safe side. u 'll get a mail 2day , BTW r u from Texas A&M kingsville?
  19. Karna11

    221g white slip @ottawa -oct 2nd

    i hope u ''ll be fine, do u knew how u r client response for those questionnaire, becuz every thing depends on those answers.
  20. Karna11

    Calgary Oct 9th

    i have scheduled on NOv 20, can you please share after finishing u r interview
  21. how can i know pims are updated or not for my h1? actualy i got my 1st h1 this yesr , that 1 be activated from today onwards. i have plan to stamping this month 29th. can i know before stamping my H1 updated in PIMs or not?
  22. Karna11

    Visa stamping date at Vancouver

    i aso looking for nov dates in vancouver, can u plzz let me know if any body cancel the dates in Nov. mail me nag.raju.netatgmaildotcom
  23. i think i also in same boat. my 1st H1 b will activate from oct 1, now i am in F1, i also plan to stamping in ottawa in this oct 29th.