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  1. Karna11

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    i had a interview today. got 221g Blue slip marked "your application required addition admin processing before final decision can made. VO :Gud morning Me : Hud morning sir, VO : pass the PP & I797 Me: pass both of them VO: are you working for XXX\ Me: yes VO : how long u have been with XXX Me: 3.9 Years VO : what is yur job designation Me : programmer analyst VO: tell me your job responsibilities ME: i explained some thing VO :where did you finish your masters: Me : univ name Vo : howz with u r company? Me: everything is fine VO: can you pass pay stubs or W2 forms vo: he said one last final check then went to beside then he said we couldn't find full info about your petition we need to contact USCIS or DHS so i give blue slip for admine processing, and he keeps my PP and take xerox copy of I 797. Me; asked how long it takes? VO: he said not too long any idea how long it takes, please help
  2. Karna11

    DS 160 Unlawfully Present or over stayed

    @plato2327, can you please update the u r case status
  3. @JoeF,@ Rahul , please give u r personal experience if u have, plzz don't give general Exp
  4. Karna11

    CANADA Visitor Visa

    i applied and approved(until My PP expired 02/01/2015) Canada visitor visa , when i tried for myou 1st H1b stamping in 2012, then I got new PP 'll expired in 2025 and New H1b extension approved until 2018 questions: 1.can i renew my old Canada visitor visa? or do i need to apply new canada visitor visa? 2. i tried to apply new application for canada visitor visa in online, but ---in required documents area it asks : IMM5257 and --- in supporting document area it asks only : IMM5645 , PP or Travel document and digital photo ---in optional document area it asks only : upload schedule 1 and add letter of explanation only it won't ask any financial docs like( pay stubs and bank statements), I797 copy and invitation letter ETC. did any body applied recently?, if did what docs u uploaded ? Thanks for suggestions in advance.
  5. Karna11

    CANADA Visitor Visa

    when did you apply? do u have any idea changes in IMM5257 Application in last april 2015? in old application point 3. visa requested area drop down gives below options --single --multiple --transit but new application after apr 2015 it gives only 2 options --visit --transit
  6. Karna11

    Got 221g, how to withdraw H1B and apply H4

    you don't need with draw, you can apply H4 separately. how z US Trinidad consulate Vo interview? do you suggest US Trinidad consulate to others?
  7. Karna11

    Visa Approved @Vancouver

    congrates!! did they ask you Client letter?
  8. Karna11

    nonimmigrant waiver processing time

    can you explain little bit briefly, we have only one waiver for NI, that is called 212 D3
  9. Karna11

    H1B Stamping in Ottawa CA 22 May 2015

    can u explain u r story? how long before u went to stamping from your extension start date
  10. Karna11

    H1B 8th year, stamping during Aus PR validation

    please share u r exp, after done u r stampin
  11. i think my wife also in same boat, she attend the interview in dec 16th, she also got refusal, that time VO says just u r visa got refusal, he didn't give any piece of paper, just returned PP. after 5 days she sent a mail to consulate and ask the reason. they just gave reply "Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B" .
  12. Karna11

    H4 Visa Query

    plzz update after u r wife interview,
  13. Karna11

    H4 visa, who is petitioner?

    all r u r answers, my wife also similar case, plzz update after u r interview finished.
  14. Karna11

    H4 visa 221g @ HYD consulate

    hi canadian, my wife also h4 rejected 1 week ago, i m trying to apply again in next month, case looks almost similier with u r wife case, my wife also finished ms, u mentioned 2nd time "Then we went through a lawyer and got the documentation ready for her interview" u approach the lawyer, can you please explain briefly how to do that, otherwise send me mail nag.raju.netatgmaildotcom.
  15. Karna11

    h4 rejected in hyd

    spouse's H1b is fine, he traveled to USA and POE also smooth,,
  16. Karna11

    h4 rejected in hyd

    Hi, I have attended the H4 Visa interview in Hyderabad and has been rejected. The VO had questions regarding our marriage and when he saw that I have already had F1 Visa in my passport. VO asked me questions when did I do my Master's, which university, when did I complete. As I answered his questions and told that I have also pursued my MBA after my Master's, he left me at the window and spoke to someone in the office. He was back and said Sorry Ma'm I cant issue visa at this time, better luck next time. Me: When I asked the VO the reason for the visa rejection? VO: You have already been in United States. Me: When can I apply for the next visa interview? VO: I would advice you not to apply.(the security asked me to leave before I would ask anything else). My Case: Master's Duration - Jan 2007 - Dec 2008 Master's OPT - Jan 2008 - Sep 2011(includes cap gap OPT time) MBA Duration - Oct 2011 - Sep 2013 Returned to India - Oct 2013 Marriage and H4 Visa interview - Dec 2013 My questions: 1. How long should be the gap between the next H4 slot? 2. Please advice, is sooner the best to apply to the next visa interview or should I wait for a month or so. 3, Any others suggestions.
  17. Karna11

    h4 rejected in hyd

    he didn't ask this question.
  18. Karna11

    h4 rejected in hyd

    please suggestion any of gud immigration attornies.
  19. Karna11

    H1 pay issue

    my H1B start from Last Oct 2012 , but my Opt extension expired mar 2012, my employer ran the paycheck untill this march on OPT, he didn't tell me any thing i just realize den asked my employer, he says ran the paycheck on OPT, i know it's not legal, what i have to doo now? how can i make correct this issue? please give me suggestions
  20. u can ask USCIS for updates regarding u r case through E-mail, they 'll give reply back
  21. Karna11

    H1B Stamping Successful @ Montreal

    wt is u r mode? EVC or EC or FTE