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  1. Hi, Employer A has initiated my GC process but had to move out of country just 2 months prior to max out while my PERM was under process. i-140 was approved later while i was in India and my current visa has expired. Can Employer B apply a H1B Transfer for me and initiate my Green Card process again or should i come back to US through Employer A alone and then apply for a H1B visa transfer through Employer B?
  2. Hi, I was on H1B with my employer A until i returned back to India while my GC process was in progress ( PERM applied and awaiting review) as my visa was expiring and i cannot stay beyond the 6 years max limit. However after my return to India , my PERM got approved, followed by i-140 last April 2018. I would like to know whether i can look for new employers to sponsor my H1B Transfer to re-enter US instead of trying to come back with the same employer A? Any help here is highly appreciated.
  3. Hi, My current i-94 end date is October 3rd,2017 and my visa is valid till Sep 23rd, 2017. I have 59 days to recapture before i max out which were not claimed in my previous H1B extension filing. My PERM application received an audit and i cannot extend my stay beyond the current end date What would be my legal end date : Sep 23rd (visa expiry) or Oct 3rd (i-94 expiry) till which i can stay before i move out of the country.
  4. Hi, My current visa is valid till end of Sep 2017 and i will be maxing out of my 6 years quota end of Nov 2017. Will the remaining time period be sufficient for filing perm and to follow up with i-140?
  5. Hi, I have started working in USA since May 2011 and my 6 years max out is going to be in Sep 2017 (Given that i was out of the country for 3 months). My employer is in the process of initiating my green card process. I would like to know whether this time period is going to be sufficient to have perm approved? Can you also mention about the process it takes and is there any way perm can be applied without delays? Thanks.
  6. ss1214

    Travel to India after H1B COS has been approved

    I am with the same employer. So there is no notice involved. Its just change of status. The timeframe i am travelling is only till mid of September and i believe i cannot enter US if my stamping has been done till Oct 1st ? So, once i get my H1B Stamping done, won't my L1B be terminated and i will need to wait until Oct 1st for H1B to be effective?
  7. Hi, I work for an employer A with a valid L1 B Visa till April 2014. H1 B COS has been approved for me for the same employer with this year's H1B CAP Quota. I have received my petition. I need to go out of country for a personal emergency from end of August to Mid of September. Will there be an issue when i try to re-enter US. Will a new I-94 being issued affect my COS getting activated from October 1st. Please suggest if its safe to travel and come back and no issues would happen to my COS happening on Oct 1st or are there any implications if i travel outside before Oct 1st even though i am on a valid L1B Visa. Thanks.
  8. Hi, my current L1B visa is valid till April, 2014 and the H1B COS has been approved and i have received my petitions. I need to travel back home on emergency from second week of August to Mid of September. Can i travel on my valid visa and come back in September without any stamping to be done. Please suggest.
  9. Hi, I have my COS L1 B - H1B being applied from my current employer. However due to some reasons, i am interested to go for H1 B to be filed by another employer B on a premium basis. If the petition filed by H1B is approved and when i travel to India, will my L1B be valid to come back since i have a valid visa till next year. Or should i get my H1B stamped and only then be allowed at the port of entry. Is it legal to get a H1B filed by another employer even though my current employer is filing for a change of status. Please suggest.