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  1. Ram582

    H4 - H1 - H4

    OK thanks, We dont have that stamp in her visa page. I think she can now come back on H4. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ram582

    H4 - H1 - H4

    What does cancel mean ?? you mean cancelled with out prejudice stamp in visa page in passport ?
  3. Ram582

    H4 - H1 - H4

    Hi, My spouse got her h4 stamped in feb 2013 (valid until april 29th 2015). She came to USA and found an employer and moved from h4 to h1 (h1 I797 valid from Oct 1st 2013 to sep 2016) We went to india in Dec 2014 and she had to attend h1 stamping. she got 221g and there is no update on the case till now from consulate. she is now planning to come back on h4. My question is does she need to go for visa stamping if she wants come to USA on H4? or could she return with h4 stamping which is in her passport stamped in Feb 2013 ???? Please let me know your suggestions
  4. Ram582

    visa dates

    Can any one let me know available dates in hyd in Dec for h1b stamping ??
  5. Ram582

    H1b Ammendment Question

    Hi, My current h1b is valid till oct 2016. I changed my client and my employer is going to file for an h1b amendment this week in premium. I have booked my tickets to go to India in Dec 6th. I would like to book an appointment at consulate in India and i am not sure if i can book with my current 1797 ( EAC number and I94 number) as i have to fill in DS160. My question is if my h1b amendment gets approved do i get new 1797 ?? does it have new EAC number and new I94 ??? Thanks in advance
  6. I got approved on Sep 17th and got my passport on 19th. Did you check your spam in email? Loomis mail goes to spam some times. Good Luck.
  7. I have been following murthy forum since last 3 months and now it is time to share my experience on Sep 17th. we were three (we all met thru murthy forum) and we had motel near aiport. we reached vancouver by 3:00 PM on Sep 16th. Port of entry to canada was smooth. The officer just asked purpose of visit to canada and i replied that i have appointment at consulate for h1b extension. Next day my appointment was at 9:30AM. Me and other 2 friends reached consulate by 7:45 AM and they were already people waiting in line ( 4 h1bs in the line). We are asked to come back at 8:30 AM as our appointments was at 9:30 AM. So we came back at 8:30 AM. No backpacks were allowed, there is small locker for cell phones, keys etc. wallets can be taken in to consulate. we waited in line for about 60 minutes to go thru security screening. In the second floor they take your DS160 confirmation and passport and I797 and asked us to wait and after 40 minutes. They gave our passports and DS160 with some number written on it and a token number. For one of my friend NO PIMS was on DS160 confirmation. Then we had to go to 20th floor where they take 10 finger prints in counter 3, Counter 4,5,6 were actually visa interview counters. Visa Interview------ Back ground: Masters in US. EC model, Changed employer 4 months back, No client letter as my client doesnt provide any letters. 1) whom do you work for? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2) how long are you working with this employer? 4 months 3) what do you do for them? xxxxx admin 4)when did you graduate? 2009 5) Have you been working in the states since 2009?yes 6) for which company did you work in the past? xxxxxxxxxx 7)Do you have a client? xxxxxxxx company 8)where is it located? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx city Then VO said to place my left four fingers on the scanner? and was typing for a minute and finally said your VISA is approved and gave me document to check for waybill number. Similar question were asked to rest of the guys, but everyone were approved. except me everyone else was in EVC. and most of them were asked about client letters and they all had client letters ( i was lucky as i did not had the letter) and they were asked questions like 9) do you any problems with your employer? 10) do your company ever bench you? Suggestion: Be confident, Interview last only a minute or two. I probably had 500 documents in file but VO did not even ask for single document.
  8. Ram582

    DS160 photo Upload

    I tried what you said, it didnt work or atleast i didnt see photo in confirmation page. I coinfirmed with consulate and they said me to brong photos to consulate.
  9. Thanks Praveen. Congrats on your visa. Hopefully you will get passport soon. I have question regarding h1b stamping in vancouver. I sent email. Could you please take some time to respond. Thanks in advance
  10. Ram582

    DS160 photo Upload

    ya it didnt ask for photo. but in the confirmation page. I got something like Photo Archived. Please bring photo to consulate. I verified this with consulate office in vancouver. They said i can just bring photos if there is any issue with photos. Thanks naveeena08 for your reply
  11. Ram582

    DS160 photo Upload

    I have filled out DS160 form but i dont see an option to upload photo? The last page is sign and submit will it ask for photo when i sign and submit. Also when i go to review section it says photo not provided? or give me red cross mark? How do i proced? Any advice???
  12. Ram582


    It is about have you made travel plans to US and not canada. Like once you get visa when are you planning to enter USA and how long do you intend to stay (this usually your h1b period)
  13. Ram582

    Changing Employer

    I have changed my employer 3 months back but working for same client. Has any one who attended visa interview have been in this postion? What is best approach to answer this question?
  14. Even my salary is double LCA amount. But my I129 has the correct value. I dont think that should be problem as long as employer pays more than or equal to value in the LCA.
  15. Ram582

    Canada Visitor Visa

    I applied to LA and got my passport back after 35 days. They dont respond to emails/phone. All you can do is wait. Dont expect it with in 30 days.