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  1. there r no walkins in detroit(only accepts mailed appl takes 30-90 days but u will get it in 40,45 days usually) Ny/LA are the only consulates which accepts in person appll.(even ur friend can submit on behalf of u if u fill an extra form). If U submit ur application on mon morning, then u wwill be asked to comeback on wed afternoon, it will take 2-3 days
  2. bhavan

    DS 160--- ten-printed...

    not a big deal- put no-then they will take ur ten fingers print-even idid the same-I too didn't remember when I went stamping previously.
  3. bhavan

    successful stamping in vancouver on sep 18th

    I had my successful stamping on Sep10th mon morning, all of my friends who attended the same slot interview got loomis emails on tue even n passport on wed mor, but I got loomis email on wed eve n passport on thu mor
  4. bhavan

    DS-160 questions

    What is a national Identification number-DOES NOT APPLY US taxpayer Number-DOES NOT APPLY(ITIN or other US Tax ID goes here) Has anyone filed an immigration petition on your behalf with the USCIS-No, if ur on H1(employer files I129 which is nonimmigrant petition to USCIS on behalf of u)
  5. @vancopuvervisa12-I got loomis emial on wed nite 6.54 pm picked up my passport thu morning-hope u will get loomis email fri nite then u can pick ur passport mon morning
  6. bhavan

    Sucessful Stamping in Vancouver

    Guyz-say tthem u r here for stamping-Dont say them u r here for visiting-book one way flight and then when u get LOOMIS email then book the flightafter 10 am next day-its upto u when u want to arrive(pls dont ask silly questions like this)
  7. bhavan

    Manager Uturn-Client Letter

    @can_stamping-if she cant give it on clients letterhead may be its against clients policy to give a letter to contractors. So, u can take an email reply from her stating the same reason and anything stating that u r wrking for the client even in the email works with her contact details below(if Visa Officer checks in linked in then u will be safe bcoz 99% of the mngrs will be in linkedin) Hope this helps
  8. bhavan

    documents for visa stamping

    ya, its good to have it so that u can prove the relatioship between ur employer-vendor or vendor-client
  9. @ tejasmailbox-had interview on mon-everyone got loomis email tue nite-picke up their passports wed morning, but I didn't get loomis email expecting on wed nite @Appuser321-stayed in Empirelandmark -10mins walk to US consulate-10mins walk to stanley park-20mins from airportn loomis @imagine5-I flew directly to vancouver, ubook which ever comes cheap-none of us booked return flights- @ALL- Let me know if u have anymore question-ALL THE BEST GUYZ
  10. Hi All, My visa interview was successful on sep 10th in Vancouver.Everyone (7) got their stamping done on on same day Long story short-I am F1-H1(approved from oct 2011-sep 2014)in EVVC model-got all the docs(passport with canada visitor visa ,LCAs,I797,client letter stating that they r not supposed to give client letter to contractors, letters from all vendors,paystubs ,W2s,bank stmts,I129,I129H,resume,MS degree, transcripts,I20s)-but VisaOfficer(VO) didn't ask me any docs Questions VO;who is ur previous emp How long u were working with ur current emp, client what is ur title what r ur resposibilites I am database developer , so VO asked me what kind of data I deal with- told healthcare data as I work for health care client. what is Masters univ n major VO interviewed only 5mins then told my VISA IS APPROVED I was lucky VO didn't ask me many questions may be becoz I have only 1 previous employer n 1 current employer. I think they r asking more questions if u changed lots of employers or if u have perdiems, anyhow if u have all the docs then u shouldn't have any problems Vancouver is a nice multicultered city lots of chinese, Punjabi,french people here- u will definitely love it - dont miss stanley park bike ride n downtown let me know if u have anymore questions, all the best for future interviewees
  11. Hi All, Thanks for posting this -even I did the same mistake(entered annual salary for monthly salary) but corrected it after reading this post. Anyhow I got Customer care number for getting new DS 160 form 18773412441, someone posted in a different forum-hope this helps
  12. bhavan

    Canada TRV process question

    its fine but you need to fill authorisation form
  13. NY/LA in person(or even your friend)within 2-3 days You can only mail documents to Seattle and Detroit(30-90 days usually 45 days).
  14. bhavan


    Canada trip details