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  1. curiousness

    Re-do DS-160?

    For #3 - Won't the new DS-160 info conflict with the info I had put in while my firm filed for my petition? It could confuse the consulate personnel, no? Our India offices fall under the same legal entity as the US btw. Under the same name. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. curiousness

    3rd time H1BVisa stamping

    Same boat. Applies to all from what I am hearing thereby making us collateral damage. This would be my 3-4th time for the stamp and with the same employer (big 4 firm). Scheduled my appointment as well back in March but the dates I received were in October (for bio-metrics and interview). Not sure why I got asked for Bio-metrics. I usually get drop-box all the time. But that's a different battle.
  3. curiousness

    June 22 Proclamation

    Thanks. Extremely unfair. Makes cases like mine (who have already been working in the US since years) fall under collateral damage category. Well clearly they will suffer if at scale (if there are more cases like me) because I just downgraded my ATnT plan to peanuts, deferred my car payments for later (might even give the car back to the financial institution), etc. etc. If credit score gets hit then I will take it up with the credit bureau stating the proclamation. Harming his own economy.
  4. curiousness

    June 22 Proclamation

    Thanks! Appreciate it. I booked back in March - The dates I got were Oct 1 and Oct 7. I have appointment confirmation as well. Includes Bio-metrics also which is odd because I always use drop-box. I might have given my finger prints to US a trillion times as it's not my first rodeo. I do see availability on traveldocs daily. Some days it shows Feb 2021 and some days it's October 2020. However, I feel these dates are a system refresh issue/glitch due to lack of updates in the back-end - they change on the daily. Anyway, it will let you book so just book it. If I don't receive a cancellation I am just going to show up 🙂 I don't care.
  5. curiousness

    June 22 Proclamation

    Additionally, this is not my first H1. Been on H1 since 2012. Second or the third extension with the same employer (big 4 firm). Just a case of expecting visa stamping (for extension) through consular processing.
  6. curiousness

    June 22 Proclamation

    I am currently in India and have a 797 valid until 2023. I have a visa appointment scheduled as well for my H1 extension. Section 3 point iii of the new proclamation states: The order does NOT apply to anyone who has “…an official travel document other than a visa (such as a transportation letter, an appropriate boarding foil, or an advance parole document) that is valid on the effective date of this proclamation or issued on any date thereafter that permits him or her to travel to the United States and seek entry or admission.” My question is- a valid 797 will suffice? Please advise. Thanks!
  7. curiousness

    Re-do DS-160?

  8. curiousness

    Re-do DS-160?

    I have been outside the US for more than 90 days now and out of payroll from May 27 (but an active employee). Here’s a summary: Jan 10 - last day worked in the US. I had to fly to India due to family health emergency Federal FMLA - Jan 13 to March 25 (100% pay) State FMLA - Jan 13 to March 25 (100% pay) Approved Absence (APA) - March 26 to April 8 (100% pay) H1 was valid until 25 Feb, 2020 H1 approval (consular processing) – Received in March Received 797 physical document in April DS 160 filed in April PTO - April 9 to May 26 (100% pay) Unpaid LOA - May 27 to present Questions: Any H1 policy issues wrt being out of country or there might be relaxations due to COVID? Would this require me to redo DS-160 before visa (drop-box/appointment) or I am fine for now based on the timeline above? In the event that consulates remain shut and I join our India firm location/India payroll then would I need to re-do DS-160 because certain entries might need an update for e.g. Present Employer Address, Monthly Income, Start Date, etc. Please confirm. Thanks all!
  9. curiousness

    Consular Notification & document drop off

    Hi Rivaldo - When you reach the ustraveldocs step you might not get the eligibility questions. At least I didn't a month or so back. And I am aware of others who didn't either. It will lead you to appointment page (mostly). It might even ask you to book an OFC + actual interview date. Dates are in October etc. but all that needs to be updated in the back-end. All due to COVID. Anticipating updates once the consulates open up (soon). Recommend you to still go ahead and schedule something to at least have your foot in. On your other thread I have commented on India transfer and also posed some questions. We are on the exact same boat.
  10. curiousness

    DS-160 how-to ? Temporarily on Indian payroll.

    I am in the exact same situation currently. However, I had filled up my DS-160 and also gone through the ustraveldocs appointment steps before I started considering an India transfer (as I was waiting for consulates to open). 797 got approved in March. I am still awaiting a response from our internal immigration vendor if transferring to our India offices and getting on an Indian payroll (temporarily) impact my H1 stamping. Would you happen to know if it does? Also, in case I initiate India firm transfer in the next two weeks then would I need to re-do my DS-160? Also, what H1B location related rules are you referring to if I may ask? To answer your qtns- 1) Has the be the legal entity/parent company for which H1 will be granted/extended (please check with your firm immigration team) 2) USD montly 3) Start date - Date you joined the US firm (plz confirm with firm immi).
  11. Let's just wait for the EO then. And let's say even if that EO comes out I don't think it will be applicable for those who are already on H1 for years (With I-140 approved as well since a few years) and have a valid 797 work authorization approved until 2023. And if it is then US will have to deal with cancelled car payments, mortgage payment issues, and a boat loads of other obligations that people had in the states. Not sure if that's something they would want/do but let's see. Thanks!
  12. Please provide a legitimate source for this information. By legitimate I mean US gov websites. Thanks!
  13. I should be eligible for the dropbox but the system didn't prompt me with dropbox eligibility questions. I think there's a system error. I am a full time employee with same company since 6+ years and this is my 3rd stamping with the same employer (never had any issues with dropbox). Instead the system is asking me to schedule an OFC appointment! And no dates in Mumbai until Feb 2021. And the earliest for other cities is September, October 2020. Additionally, I wasn't able to schedule any appointments until a few days ago but today for some reason I was able to schedule Sep, Oct appointments and would reach the confirmation page. Not that I wanted to schedule it in the first place but was only testing the site/system. They froze my account for the next 72 hours not sure why (extremely lame security protocol as I wasn't attempting to login/logout..I was just browsing back and forth). Questions- 1) Why am I not receiving the interview waiver questions/drop-box option and confirmation? Should I redo and repay the fees? 2) Why are there no available dates until October? Do you think all of this will refresh once the consulates open?Please advise. Thanks!Regards,Akshay
  14. Hi. I am in the same boat. The only info I have is what ustraveldocs has to offer: "Information for visa applicants regarding novel coronavirus: As of March 16, 2020, the United States Embassy and Consulates in India are cancelling routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments, and will not process 221gs. As of March 20, interview waiver and biometrics appointments are cancelled. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. The MRV fee is valid and may be used for a visa application in the country where it was purchased within one year of the date of payment. If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, please follow the guidance provided at www.ustraveldocs.com/in to request an emergency appointment." https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/index.html Question for you- is this your first time getting an H1 stamp or an extension? Also, when you were scheduling on ustraveldocs (post DS-160) did you get drop-box eligibility questionnaire? Reason why I ask is because I never got any and it took me to schedule an OFC appointment (Dates are far out and unable to schedule as well). I have always used drop-box and clearly don't need to be finger-printed again. Guess it will get reset when the consulates resume operations.
  15. curiousness

    Remote I-9 review

    Thanks Joe. Status gets reflected on 797 as well, no? Work authorization - isn't that enough? Please advise. Thanks!