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  1. Hello, Can anyone please tell me the latest available appointment for H1 stamping in Vancouver. Appreciate your time ad help. Thanks, Rahul
  2. Hello, Can anyone please provide a URL to book H1 Visa appointment in Vancouver. Appreciate your time ad help. Thanks, Rahul
  3. rahult431

    H1b Stamping in Vancovur on 08/13/2018

    Hello, I am planning to attend my visa interview aswell. Can you please provide url to book visa appointment. Thanks, Rahul
  4. rahult431

    Anyone in Vancouver from June 29 - July 3

    I am planning to come on June29th. When is your appointment scheduled for?
  5. rahult431

    Anyone in Vancouver from June 29 -30

    Hello, I have my visa appointment scheduled for June 30th. I am starting on 29th. When is your appointment scheduled for? Thanks, Rahul.
  6. Hello, Any update on your Visa?. Have you received your passport? Thanks, Rahul.
  7. Hello All, Anyone planning to cancell or reschedule visa dates in Calgary or Vancouver from July1st to July10th? Please let me know. I am looking for the dates in July1st week. Appreciate your time. Thanks, Rahul.
  8. Hello All, Any idea on the dates available in Mexico from July1st to July10th? Thanks, Rahul.
  9. Sorry for delay in ym reply.. I am planning to go for visa interview after my current visa expires.
  10. Hello, I had my first h1B stamping till Jun 30 th 2015. In April 2015 I got my H1b renewed for 3 years till 2018 June which had my previous I 94 carrying on it. On April 28 th 2015, I travellled to India and came back on 24th May 2015 and i got new I94 issued till july 10 th 2015 which is different from the I-94 carrying on the renewed H1 B approval. I am thinking of going to canada for H1 b stamping. My question is , do i need to go for stamping before July 10th ( My I 94 end date) or can i go any time after July 10 th. Please suggest me with the steps which i need to follow to avoid any confusion regarding my stamping. Appreciate your time and help. Thanks, Rahul.
  11. rahult431

    Latest dates for Calgary/Jamaica?

    Thanks Naveen. So, no appointments in Jamaica in April?
  12. Hello, Any idea on the latest dates available in Calgary and Jamaica? Thanks, Rahul.
  13. Thanks guys. ex: If I get my visa stamped on April 16th, do I get my new visa date from April17th or will it be from the visa expiry date of my first visa?(Ex: my first visa expires on May30th)
  14. Thank you. Does it have any timeline?( like : i have to be something like one month before etc..)?
  15. Hello, I have my H1 visa stamping until June 30th, can I go for Visa Stamping again with my H1 Extension approval before my current visa expires? ( Like, I would like to go for inteview sometime in May)? Second question: As my current stamping expires on June 30th, can I go to India and come back before it expires on June 30th? I would like to go after I get my H1 extension approval. So i will be carrying my H1 Extension approval and Visa stamping from my previous H1? Thanks, Rahul.