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  1. Hello, I am planning to apply for a Visitor Visa for my In laws. My Father in law is Handicapped (Can not walk,no bodily sensation below west since last 8 yrs) but no health issues with Mother in law. Can he get Visitor Visa? If yes ,Is there any special instruction to apply ,any specific inter Interview questions to look for ? If No,what are the chances of getting Visa for my Mother in law if they are giving Visa Interview together? Shall I book the interview separately ? Note:- I am on H1-B and VI will be at Mumbai consulate. Thank you.
  2. Posting behalf of my Friend.. One of My friend graduated in MSEE in Dec 2016.He applied for OPT but yesterday he got notification from USCIS that his application of I-765 was denied because his OPT was more than 30 days old by the time application reached to USCIS. I have attached the Notice herewith to get more details. DSO said they are unable to provide any new I20 as SEVIS is closed.and he don't have any option rather than going back to INDIA as he his out of status right away. SO my question is "is there any way he can appeal the decision with any possible additional documentation to get his OPT? Will any appeal make any difference in the decision by taken by USCIS? Any other option to stay in USA ?
  3. Hello, I applied for COS from H4 to F1 in Oct 2015. I suppose to graduate in May 2015.Looking at the current wait times of COS application look like there is very little chance i can get it by May 2015. So basically I have two questions? 1.If i go to India this December for stamping then am I eligible for OPT? (is there a real rule that you have to full time student for one year to get OPT? :- I am full time student on H4. 2.What happens if I don't go to India for stamping and my COS approved after my graduation i.e after May 2015? can i still apply for OPT
  4. So in both cases i am not eligible for OPT?
  5. badymuka

    H1-B transfer, another question

    I think to start working at second company only just on receipt is little risky. What if the transfer is denied ? In that case you already left the first employer and now you can't work for your second company then you will be out of status.SO i will suggest to wait until you get approval notice for trasfer unless you are 100% sure that H1 transfer will be approved without any issues. Talking about your main question that can they cancel my visa before two weeks? Ans Is Yes they can but if you already have the receipt for h1-B trasfer then it should not matter to you.You will be in status.
  6. I heard H1-B transfer take care of extension automatically ? Is it right? If thats the case then can we do the premium procession for h1-B transfer?
  7. The USCIS website says that all H1-B extension premium processing are on Hold until July 27. Does this apply to H1-B transfer as well?
  8. badymuka

    H1-B transfer- Urgent

    Why don't you do the transfer process in premium to get it done quick so you don't have to wait much?
  9. Hello, Currently I am H1-B visa and working in Houston,Texas. My company is planning me to send on a project which is Mexcio (Cd. Juarez near to US border) for atleast for 1 year and most likely to extend for 2 yrs. So the plan is I will stay in El paso,Texas (US) and will cross the border every day to work in Mexico and return back to El paso every day. Can I work like this on H1-B Visa? All valuable inputs are welcome and Thank you.
  10. Actually I talked to my employer attorney first and he said there is no any kind of violation .Bu as lots of people were saying here that its not possible,so i thought to reach DOL directly.
  11. DOL said that as long as you on US payroll and staying in US and working overseas for the mentioned period,you should not have problem.
  12. yesterday I contacted the DOL office directly and told them the whole scenario and they said there should be no problem in the getting new LCA approved and H1-B extenion.Thank you
  13. I already have the Mexican work Visa
  14. @Joef:- My employer will file new LCA so i don't think it should be the issue with audit from H1-B official. @wiweq What if my employer put something like "required multiple international visit " and didn't mention the whole length of assignment in my new LCA so that DOL can approve the LCA? Anyways I may be visiting my US job location for 1 week in one or couple of month or work from home couple of weeks in a month? In that way i will not be working in El paso for whole month or year but still working in US.
  15. Actually I will be still on US payroll and employee of my employer which is based in Houston,Texas. So still its not possible?