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  1. mangodb

    H1B RFE -- OPT Cap GAP extension

    Thanks Joe, Jairichi and rahul. From the murthy forum FAQs, it is answer "You should resume your study at the next available term not to exceed five months into the future". So that any student in similar situation can apply for a good university which starts in January? Is this correct? I have seen in murthy forum FAQs. http://www.murthy.com/2013/05/31/faqs-from-students/ Question (27.Dec.2013): My OPT authorization ended one month ago and I have been waiting for an approval of my employer’s H1B petition that it filed on my behalf. Unfortunately, the H1B petition was denied because of the lack of evidence about the employer / employee relationship. I would like to continue to maintain status in the U.S. What should I do to stay in valid F-1 status? Answer: You appear to be in valid F-1 status until the end of your 60-day grace period after the expiration of your OPT authorization. To maintain your F-1 status in the future, you may transfer your SEVIS record to a new program of study by the end of your grace period. You should resume your study at the next available term not to exceed five months into the future.
  2. Iam currently on my OPT Cap GAP extension. I got an RFE on my petition and the timeline to answer is OCT 20. 1)Can I be able work after September 30 if my H1B is still in process? 2) What are my options if H1B is denied after october1st?. Will I be able to change to F1 status in that situation? Appreciate your suggestions.
  3. mangodb

    Query on GC filed

    Joe, Can we stay out of the country until our priority date becomes current in GC process
  4. mangodb

    Query on GC filed

    Thanks for the reply Joe. 1. If in case if my i 140 is approved before I apply for my masters. Can i able to do masters? 2. Can i stay out of the country for one year after I140 approval , since GC is for future employment? can you please suggest
  5. mangodb

    Query on GC filed

    I have filed my GC on OPT EAD and labor is approved and I- 140 is in process. I will apply for H1 next year. If my applicaiton didnt pickedup in the lottery, I am planning to apply for my masters. Will that a problem to do masters , since my GC process is initiated, because student visa is a non immigratant visa. Can you please suggest if there are any other alternatives other than doing masters.